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Flip-Floppin' Fred

July 14, 2008

My massage therapist, Fred, flip-flops worse than Barrack Hussein Obama. Obama ran as an ultra-Leftist to win the nomination of the Socialist (excuse me, Democrat) Party. Now that he is in a general election, his handlers have told him he needs to appear more conservative. So Obama has flip-flopped and reinvented himself.

The guy who never met an abortion he didn't admire HAS suddenly discovered that he is against partial birth abortion. The radical who swore he would remove all US troops from Iraq within 60 days of taking office now thinks it might be prudent to consult with the military before he makes such a rash move. The parishioner who told the world that he could no more abandon his pastor of 20 years than he could abandon the black community - has thrown his pastor to the wolves.

Obama promised to use public financing - until he realized that he had a gift for grabbing loot. That promise disappeared quicker than ice cream in July. Obama's only religious experience was in a highly politicized racist church in Chicago. Now that he has discovered that most Americans really believe in God, he is all for "Faith-Based Initiatives" (something he had earlier vowed to dismantle). And Mr. "Only idiots own guns" has recently discovered a hitherto hidden passion for the Second Amendment. I feel quite certain that has nothing to do with the fact that no one harboring his true contempt for gun owners and their rights has ever been elected President...

On June 18, less than a month ago, Obama told Reuters that Osama bin Laden should not be put to death because that would "make him a martyr." Two days ago he told CNN that Osama's sins justify the death penalty. In the presidential debate in Charleston, SC in July 2007, Barrack stated that he would meet personally with the dictators of Iran, Syria Cuba and North Korea "without preconditions." Now that he is in a general election he has started to talk tough about how we should deal with these hostile nations, saying yesterday that the US should proffer "sticks" as well as "carrots" in dealing with murderous regimes. Finally, last December Obama stated that he "Unequivocally opposes giving retroactive immunity to telecommunications companies" that complied with government request for info on terrorist activities. Last week he voted for that very bill!

It must be confusing around the Barrama household. His wife also underwent an Extreme Makeover recently, transforming herself from a radical, ranting, bitter America-hater into a darker version of Doris Day - only the apron and cookie dough were missing. One wonders whether they recognize one another.

And how bewildering this all must be for the children! With mom and dad changing before their very eyes, where do they look for stability and guidance? Ah, yes, the Nanny State that their parents are working so hard to create! Once it is fully implemented, there will be no need for moms and dads. Obama and the government will raise our children for us. Won't that be nice?

But enough about Obama's flip-flops. What about Fred's? First, though, a disclaimer. I have Fred's permission to use his statements in this article. I would never insult him by comparing him to Barrama without his OK. But he actually suggested the name for this article.

Last night Fred confessed to me. Fred is Catholic, and I am a Protestant minister, but he was so overcome with shame that he couldn't wait for a priest. He reminded me that months ago he had stated he would never vote for John McCain. He said he would even vote for a Democrat before he voted for McCain, because he didn't see any real difference between liberal Republican McCain and the Democrats.

Now he is ashamed of his statements. I told him not to feel too bad, because many Conservatives felt the same way. Lots of us would have preferred a "real Conservative" to McCain. We had several to choose from during the primaries. But the voters have spoken, and McCain is the Republican nominee.

I suspect that McCain's 95-year-old mother, Roberta McCain, is more conservative than her son. She has been quoted as saying that now we Conservatives need to "Hold your nose and vote for John." Older people are not necessarily wiser than the rest of us, but she is right.

An anonymous blogger said it best: "While McCain is certainly not my first choice for POTUS, Obama is most assuredly my last!" To all the Conservatives who, like Fred, said they would never vote for McCain, I say "Get over yourself!"

While McCain may not have all the conservative credentials we would have liked to have seen in our nominee, when you put him up against Barrack Hussein he looks like Ronald Reagan, while Obama looks like Che Gueverra (or, perhaps worse, Jimmy Carter).

Now that Fred has repented and is once again on the path of righteousness, I encourage all conservatives to follow his lead. I understand your disappointment; I was disappointed, too, when my candidate failed to get the nomination. But you've had time to sulk over not getting the perfect conservative (whomever that may be) to vote for. You've had the opportunity to examine the credentials of Barrack, and found that there aren't any. Now you need to get behind the only possible choice.

"The only choice?" you cry. "I have plenty of choices." Right. I've heard it all before:
1) You could follow Barrama's lead and just not vote. (He did a lot of that as a legislator both in Illinois & in the US Senate. That way he doesn't have a record to defend.)
2) You could "make a statement" by voting for a third party candidate.
3) You could write in your favorite from the long list of Republicans who failed to get the nomination. That would really definitely show McCain you mean business!
4) Or you could really show how strong your convictions are and vote for Barrack.

The problem with all these "choices" is that no one will know that you "stood on principle" unless you tell them. And you won't hurt McCain; you'll hurt your country if you pick any of these non-choices.

Again, I feel compelled to say, "Get over yourself!" With all due respect to some great third party candidates who are wonderful people and who might be better choices for president than McCain; if you choose number 1, 2 or 3 you will waste the most precious privilege a citizen has - your vote. If you choose number 4, you are just plain stupid and I have nothing else to say to you.

We don't have any choice. We cannot allow a baby-murdering Socialist who will tax our nation into bankruptcy and appoint ultra liberal justices to further ruin our nation to be elected to the highest office in the world. We must elect John McCain.

But don't just wait until November and vote for McCain. Do the same things you would do if you really felt passionate about a candidate. Campaign, talk to people, volunteer at your county Republican headquarters. If you don't feel passionate yet, think about the horrible damage Obama could do even if he only served one term. Maybe that will make you passionate.

TWO OBAMA JOKES (I couldn't resist):

REPORTER (to Barack Obama): At the Academy Awards, Jon Stewart made fun of the fact that your last name, Obama, sounds like Osama, the name of the most hated man on the planet. What is your reaction?
BARACK OBAMA: Besides the unfortunate name similarity, Osama Bin-Laden and I have nothing in common. One of us is a confident, ethnic man with devoted supporters and a clear vision for the  future, and the other is about to be elected President.

CRITICS SAY that Presidential candidate Barack Obama tries to "be all things to all people" and that he makes too many "pie-in-the-sky" promises. At a recent political rally, Obama tried to overcome these criticisms by emphasizing his commitment to principles. Afterwards, audience members lined up at a microphone to ask Obama questions.
The first person at the microphone said, "I oppose the war in Iraq. If you are elected, what will you do about that?" "I will end the war in Iraq within two weeks of taking office," answered Obama. "All our troops will come home, and I will simultaneously make sure the Iraqi government is functioning and secure."
              The second person said, "I'm an illegal alien. What will you do for people like me?" "If I am elected," answered Obama, "every illegal alien will receive U.S. citizenship, free health care, and a scholarship to the university of your choice."
               The third person said, "I'm a conservative. If elected, what will you do for me?" "I'll send that first guy to Iraq, and the second guy back to Mexico."


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PUBLISHER'S NOTE: I just learned that former White House Press Secretary Tony Snow passed away today. I strongly recommend that you read the article about Tony at www.ConservativeTruth.org written by our Editor-in-Chief, Phil Perkins. Phil's article is sensitive and well-written, and is an appropriate tribute to this fine American.

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