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The Motor City Nice Man & The Unchanging Left

June 26, 2017

As political opponents continue to talk past one another rather than to each other, one man - one unlikely aging rock guitarist - has received the message. 'The Motor City Madman,' now grey-haired but as feisty as ever, says it’s time to tone down the rhetoric. Though falsely accused of once threatening B. H. Obama’s life, Ted Nugent has been known to utter crazy talk. Now, in the wake of the calculated attack by a leftist on Republican congressmen, Nugent is looking to drop the image of “madman.”
Perusing the news of late, the American scene has been dominated by left wing hatred and violence. A sampling includes:  the attack on Republican congressmen; the march-of-the-month against President Donald Trump, which devolves into Saul Alinsky shenanigans, left wing chants, and a little violence sprinkled in here and there for the sake of consistency; and “Pride Month,” including the flying of the religious bigotry flag, commonly referred to as the “rainbow” flag. From Berkeley to D.C., left wingers are doing what left wingers do:  commit violence and spew hatred. For those who cannot stomach violence, or simply have not gotten around to it yet, vitriol will suffice.
From the left-wing bloggers who cheered the shooting of Congressman Steve Scalise, to outgoing CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley, the reactions to the attack have been disgusting. Huffington Post blogger Jesse Benn felt the need to update a year-old blog about the necessity of committing violence as resistance to Donald Trump and those who support him. Good luck finding the mainstream media outrage against him. Add to the list the left-wing college professors who indoctrinate young people, then incite them to act upon hatred.
Neither Benn’s race (white) nor other demographic information is relevant, but his ideology does matter. He is left-wing - further left than a mere liberal. This is what leftists do.
Many Americans are shocked to learn that the early Twentieth Century saw bomb attacks in our country. Perhaps the most famous is the Wall Street bombing in 1920, committed by left-wing anarchists, in which 38 people died. Other attacks included the mailing of bombs to politicians and businessmen, including to US Attorney General Alexander Mitchell Palmer.
A leftist murdered a sitting president:  William McKinley in 1901. The 1960s and 1970s were so full of left-wing violence it would take a book to chronicle it all. One would be remiss to not mention B. H. Obama’s friend and mentor, Bill Ayers, and the violence his Weather Underground perpetrated.
The disgusting creature known as Che Guevara died a brutal death at the hands of Bolivian Special Forces because of how he lived. The murderous Marxist is now glorified by a generation of know-nothing Americans who believe him to be some sort of romantic hero. Besides his crimes against humanity, Guevara is the man who was livid when the Soviets did not nuke the US during the Cuban Missile Crisis.
This is the way of the left. Why? Because their views need the breakdown of society to create an opening for their rise to power; and their views, when followed out logically, can only be sustained by the suppression of others. Just like Guevara, committed leftists leaders understand that liberty and knowledge are their enemies. Liberty allows people to choose for themselves; knowledge informs people how to choose liberty.
To control the economy as the left wants, the people have to be controlled. For the government to run an economy, a health care system, a transportation system, etc., means that liberty has to be eliminated. Someone has to hold the power. Someone has to rule. To put it another way, did you ever wonder why Kim Jong Un is fat amidst a starving population?
Naturally, liberal organizations such as National Public Radio (with taxpayer money, of course), refute the rise of American left-wing violence by only referencing the few murders that take place. Torching buildings, beating up peaceful conservative protestors, and breaking out the windows of businesses do not register as violence, at least to liberal enablers.
As has been documented many times, the LBTGQ+ movement (math signs appear to be a rather new phenomenon) has its roots in left-wing politics, with firm support from mainstream liberals. Homosexual rights politics are in direct opposition to religious liberty. One example:  morality and religion oppose destroying the institution of marriage; therefore, practicing religion in an unapproved manner - unapproved by liberals and the left - must not be tolerated. Recall Sen. Bernie Sanders’ recent attack on a Christian’s beliefs in a recent hearing, or the well-known cases of Christian-owned businesses not wanting to participate in same-sex “weddings.” Disagreement is not acceptable; destruction of religious beliefs is the goal.
America, founded on the principle of religious liberty, can no longer defend its foundational tradition without witnessing a smear attack or boycott. Case in point:  For 30 years, the St. Louis Cardinals have sponsored “Christian Day” at Busch Stadium for an evening of Cardinals baseball and a guest speaker after the game. This year, the speaker will be former Cardinal Lance Berkman, who had the audacity to point out that he does not want a transgender boy showering with his teenage girl in a locker room. For such radical rhetoric, LQTBG+ activists in St. Louis demanded the exclusion of Berkman - ironic, given that the buzzword of the month is “inclusion.”
But the rainbow flag of religious bigotry is not about inclusion. Not long ago, the flag supposedly symbolized tolerance, but tolerance slowly morphed into acceptance. Not everyone accepts what they consider to be immoral or unnatural behavior - behavior which violates our religious beliefs - thus tolerance had to be tossed aside. Acceptance is now the goal - the demand. Acceptance requires persuasion - gentle persuasion at first. If that fails, the force of government and law will be called forth.
Thought through logically, based on the rhetoric of the activists who fly it, the rainbow flag is a symbol not only of religious bigotry, but of the force - violent force, if necessary - the left needs to exert control over others.
Both the right and left wings in America are relatively small, with the right wing much smaller. Conservatives, in the mainstream, are erroneously referred to as right wingers in attempts to obfuscate the debate; but for every Timothy McVeigh, there are dozens on the far left. For every Alex Jones and his conspiracy theories or Richard Spencer and his white supremacy, there are dozens of leftists spewing hatred or willing to riot in the streets. It’s a rare event for a right winger to violently take to the streets of America, and it is unheard of for mainstream conservatives to do so.
We don’t know whether Ted Nugent will hold to his word, but we do know we live in interesting times when 'The Motor City Madman' is the first celebrity to step forward and say, “Hey, I’ll change. I’ll change my tone.” Meanwhile, the left makes no such promises. They cannot. If they were to do so, then achieving their ideological gains would be impossible. They need people to lack knowledge and they need violence to break down civil society. They need to incite that breakdown to usher in their statist dreams. Their fuel is hatred. Don’t look for the equivalent of a Ted Nugent of the left to follow suit.

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