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A Disease of the Mind

March 6, 2017

With the growing realization by normal, well-adjusted Americans that modern liberalism is a mental disorder, the mental patients are cutting loose. In years past, an occasional one flew over the cuckoo’s nest. Now flock after flock of nutbirds are on the loose.

With the electoral defeat of Hillary Clinton, compounded, in their minds, by the election of Donald Trump, liberals have gone mad. The same people who furrowed their collective brow at the thought of a losing presidential candidate not accepting the results of an election are now fine with not only the losing candidate taunting a sitting President, but the loser voters running loose through the streets, rioting and beating innocents.

Welcome to our little glimpse inside the minds of the “tolerant,” who preach racial equality while demanding federal funding for the biggest race-oriented killing machine in American history:  Planned Parenthood. They make the Ku Klux Klan look like the ASPCA. Whether it’s the Dakota pipeline protesters leaving behind 2,500 garbage trucks worth of waste, or free speech advocates on college campuses demanding that those who disagree with them lose free speech rights, modern liberals demonstrate a level of derangement that is indescribable to the average, well-adjusted person.

Ah, but a bigger hole in their collective ears has opened, giving us a glimpse at all the space in between their ears and the small amount of gray matter which can be found. In the alternative liberal world, bruised by the “sure” win of Hillary Clinton, unaccepting of how the real world works according to the Constitution, kooky websites have popped up. One even pretends that Hillary actually won the election.

Where is Mr. Rogers when you need him? “Hello, friend. Let’s pretend. Can you pretend? Let’s pretend the mean ol’ real world doesn’t really exist and let’s pretend we have power and we can STAMP OUT OUR ENEMIES AND DESTROY - ahem - and rid ourselves of those terrible people, shall we?” Well, that would have to be a pretend Mr. Rogers, but that would work for liberals.

One particular website is called HillaryBeatTrump.org. It is part whimsical, part cathartic. It is obviously an opportunity for a small group of liberals to have some fun and forget about their last few months of binge drinking and rioting in the streets. The pain fades slowly away for some.

Stories mocking constitutional guru Senator Ted Cruz and real-world President Trump staffers Kellyanne Conway, Sean Spicer, and Reince Priebus abound. Those are easily ignored as comedic acts of healing on the parts of the wounded, dazed, and confused liberal writers. The delusions appear in full force in articles about “President” Hillary.

Liberal delusions are great fun when they’re not smashing windows, or when they don’t have gavels in their hands while wearing black robes.

Because Hillary Clinton would be the perfect - absolutely perfect - president, her approval ratings right now would be 89 percent. Other brief demented “news” “stories” reveal:
  • that Clinton’s presidency is headed for an all-time top five ranking of US presidents;
  • she has raised the federal minimum wage to $12/hour;
  • she awarded Barack H. Obama the Congressional Medal of Freedom (read that line again, closely);
  • she allowed in all Syrian refugees and declared the USA a “sanctuary nation;”
  • she pursued “sweeping” Wall Street reforms beyond the Dodd-Frank regulations.
There’s more, but you get the idea.

There is a catch to this website. While skewering President Trump as an uneducated buffoon and cocaine addict, and mocking everyone from Rush Limbaugh to Ivanka Trump, there are hints about the identities of the site operators. Stories litter the site about Trump voters, unable to cope with their electoral loss, creating fake sites proclaiming that Donald Trump actually won the election, despite the “real” fact that Hillary won. The occasional epithets of “snowflake” and “fake news” give us a clue that this site is really high satire, subtly mocking liberals, sucking them into a supposed “safe” world of venting for the sake of inner healing, all the while pointing out what delicate little mental patients liberals really are.

The operators of the website have remained anonymous. For good reason. They are either deranged and pathetic, unable to cope in the real world, or conservative provocateurs, having the time of their lives. Bet on the latter, but with modern liberals, demonstrations of mental disease are only one click away.

RefuseFascism.org is another matter completely. Free of humor and sophomoric daydreams, one of the head nutjobs recently appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight. The word “self-indictment” comes to mind. She put on full display for a national audience her mental disorder. Recalling this person’s name proved difficult because viewers were left rolling on the floor, laughing at her insanely impassioned rants that “Trump is worse than Hitler,” etc. She went on to state that, had only the citizens of Nazi Germany protested in the streets, Hitler could have been removed from office.

One can only imagine what Himmler would have had done with this loony woman; how Goebbels would have convinced the German people that their lethal punishment was necessary; and Goering would have chuckled and cheered as he clung to Hitler’s side.

Yet President Donald Trump is somehow worse - let alone similar - to the barbaric German dictator? Only in the minds of the mentally damaged.

Modern liberalism is most certainly a mental disease, and it doesn’t take a group that, on its own website, cannot even define “fascism” to make us understand this fact. As the Trump presidency continues, psychologists and psychiatrists will have the opportunity to examine more liberals who publicly “out” themselves in the midst of their mental episodes.

Every day, hypocrisy is accepted by liberals in such absurd doses that the “tolerant” defend hatred and the “inclusive” allow racism to occur in the spirit of Margaret Sanger. And we’re not even 60 days into President Trump’s presidency. There will be plenty more cuckoos and nutbirds flying by.

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