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12 Reasons to Trust Trump if Previously You ‘TrustTED’

June 6, 2016

Most of you have read that in June there will be a by invitation only, gathering of Christian leaders meeting with Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson in New York City. We are meeting to interact with the presumptive Republican presidential nominee on today’s critical issues.

Previously I was a strong supporter of Senator Ted Cruz, writing an endorsement and encouraging others in his direction. Now it’s time to face reality: where there was once a field of 17 Republican candidates, today as we’ve gone through the process, there’s one left standing, Donald Trump.

While all these candidates eventually pledged to support the nominee, some are now backtracking and reneging on their commitment. Maybe they’ll come around along with other high-profile political leaders seemingly adamant in withholding their support.

It is instructive to reflect on the ‘64 election where George Romney and Nelson Rockefeller wouldn’t support Barry Goldwater, the presidential nominee (and basically were never heard from again politically), while Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan joined the team and later both reaped the reward of President of the United States.

Give Hillary a Chance?

If you understand Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party platform, what it stands for in advancing America’s economic, moral and spiritual free-fall, you are hard pressed to get on the “First Woman President, Hillary Express” or simply stay home to register a protest vote. No vote means a half vote for Hillary and a continuation of the policies of the Obama administration’s “fundamental transformation of America.”

This translates into these practical realities: greater secularism and socialism; possibly two or three liberal Supreme Court appointments affecting our nation for decades; unfettered abortion on demand and taxpayer support for Planned Parenthood; increasing LGBTQ initiatives advocated and celebrated by the White House; more big government expansion and entitlements; open borders and continued amnesty for illegal aliens; lawlessness in sanctuary cities giving shelter to criminals; softening drug policies and prison sentences; finally, and God help us, a possible go-around with more Bill and Hillary scandals. If you’re a Millennial you may not be aware her husband was actually impeached by the House when he was President!

Mrs. Clinton’s campaign does deflect much of the above by leveling charges of racism at Mr. Trump. Yet Hillary gladly accepted the Planned Parenthood Margaret Sanger award. Remember this P.P. founder was a eugenicist who believed in extermination of blacks and today is responsible for the genocide of more black babies than any other group in our nation.

What Are We to Do?

At this point, some readers may say our only option is to do what Franklin Graham told us in Nashville recently regarding the upcoming election, “Pray for wisdom and then, if you have to, hold your nose and vote!”

At this point in the election cycle, it behooves us to trust God’s sovereignty in the affairs of men. We should redouble our intercessory prayer. We should also remember that leaders do change and some of the strongest leaders in history had major flaws.

How easy it is to sanitize when we eulogize our great political leaders of the past. We tend to forget or overlook the litany of character defects, mistakes and misjudgments they made.

Two of my political heroes are Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill. I love to read biographies and stories of their lives.

Recently my wife and I watched a three-part series entitled, “The Abolitionists” on PBS. These DVDs plus books I’ve read tell us the following about one of the greatest presidents we’ve ever had, Abraham Lincoln.
  • He was not an abolitionist – he initially upheld the law of the land.
  • He opposed blacks voting, serving on a jury, holding office and inter- marrying with whites! In the 4th Lincoln-Douglas debate he stated he didn’t believe in “social and political equality of the white and black races.”
  • He believed the majority of the African-American population should leave the United States and colonize in Africa or Central America.
How about his marriage? His wife, Mary Todd, was moody, spent extravagantly, battled depression, yielded to violent outbursts and irrational fears and eventually was committed to an asylum. Recall some of this from the excellent film, “Lincoln?”

How about Winston Churchill?

This prime minister of Great Britain was a very strong leader and inspirational speaker who rescued Western civilization from destruction.

“The Churchill Factor: How One Man Made History” by Boris Johnson reveals “the good, the bad and the ugly” of this iconic statesman.

Besides his addiction to alcohol and smoking cigars, this towering figure of the 20th century believed in using poison gas; used charged language towards India’s Gandhi that was viewed as racist; and, when he was old and ill he stubbornly refused to step down.

Yet when he died in 1965, Winston Churchill was given this tribute by historian Sir Arthur Bryant: “The age of giants is over.”

Now I am not suggesting a comparison between “The Donald” and these two icons of history. Yet Mr. Trump’s two biggest strengths may be tailor-made for what America needs at this tipping point in our history. He is a strong leader and a successful businessman.

Here’s the deal: for many of us there really is no other alternative except to take a Holy Ghost calculated risk on Donald Trump, while praying fervently that God will extend mercy, favor and divine intervention towards America before it’s too late.

12 Things Trump Says He Will Do

Let’s remind ourselves that America’s future does not rest on Air Force One. It does depend on returning to the living God and the first principles upon which this nation was founded. That means working with Congress for change and avoiding “executive orders.”
When Donald pledges to “Make America Great Again,” I’m persuaded he’ll try to do the following:
  1. Appoint constitutionalist conservative Supreme Court Justices – the list he submitted is very impressive
  2. Dismantle the disastrous Iran nuclear “deal” even as Iran mocks the Holocaust exterminating 6 million Jews and said the Islamic Republic was planning for another one
  3. Reestablish strong ties with Israel
  4. Have the already-approved border “Wall” built/cease “comprehensive immigration reform” as a subterfuge for amnesty
  5. Stand for the sanctity of human life/oppose abortion – he changed even as Reagan did
  6. Restore our military, the V.A. and respect for our veterans and law enforcement men and women protecting our lives and public safety
  7. Call radical Islamists by name and strategize to defeat them
  8. Stop media-pandering and D.C. political correctness
  9. Work aggressively to end Obama Care and Common Core
  10. Rework trade agreements/refocus on job creation/growth
  11. Halt reckless spending (plundering of our children) and commit to work within a reasonable budget
  12. Surround himself with a strong, conservative leadership team with integrity and experience
Time to be a Good Soldier

If nothing else, the process to nominate a candidate for President revealed a very “deep bench” on the Republican side. Now it’s incumbent on all to stand together and let go of grievances.

If Donald Trump walks in much-needed humility and works for unity, just imagine the possibilities of a “dream team” with some of the following sharing the duties: Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, Chris Christie, Rand Paul, Bobby Jindal, Rick Santorum, Rick Perry, John Kasich, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, Carly Fiorina, Mike Huckabee, Ben Carson, plus Newt Gingrich, Rudy Giuliani and, if willing, Condoleezza Rice.

When Ronald Reagan was in the Oval Office, besides his pen and a jar of jelly beans on his desk he had these words in front of him: “There’s no limit to what a man can do or what he can achieve so long as he does not care who gets the credit.”

With America at a crossroads, let’s pray that men and women will respond in this kind of spirit. And may Donald Trump lead the way as a true public servant.
This article was originally published on Barbwire.com
Sec. Clinton Stands By Her Praise of Eugenicist Margaret Sanger; Weekly Standard, April15, 2009
Israeli leader: Iran mocks WWII Holocaust, prepares another; Associated Press

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