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Mizzou vs. ISIS

Children, Meet True Oppression

November 23, 2015

Apparently, now is not a good time to be a student at the University of Missouri. We have learned that MU students are ritually oppressed, beaten, fed to ferocious starving lions, and then viciously bathed with fire hoses and given low grades. It’s just that bad there. Who could have known that in an age when the average college student doesn’t know the name of the Vice President of the United States that college students would know the lyrics to “We Shall Overcome,” let alone events that happened prior to their own births?
Come to think of it, I wish I didn’t know who the VP is.
A close listen to the grievances of these children reveals that perhaps they don’t know what happened before they were born. They seem to believe that no one has ever experienced horrors quite the way they have. If the MU students have confronted “atrocities,” then TV viewers have experienced PTSD just watching the embarrassing display.
Time for the obligatory “not all MU students are that stupid.” I know firsthand, many times over, that not all Mizzou graduates are that stupid. Of the current students, surely there are many, many hundreds who recoil at the portrayal of the school, the actions of their professors, the weak-kneed reactions of university leadership, and the overall portrayal of their university. If not, they need to change their mascot from a tiger to John Kerry’s face immediately.
Okay, in all seriousness, there are Mizzou grads all over the country who are just as appalled as the rest of us, and the same applies to current students. The problem is that those students are smart enough to stay away from the cameras- while the KKK is not on campus, the PC Police are, and the PC Police take names, give out grades, post on social media, and publicly shame all who disagree. Unlike the KKK, they are everywhere. Sorry, KKK, but those white sheets don’t scare anyone and they can only hold still photos (Scotch tape not included). Viral videos, shaming those who defy the PC Police, are all the rage.
The most frightening aspect of the Mizzou affair- besides the obvious fact that if there are stupid children in the Heartland of America, then there are stupider children on the coasts- is that these kiddies believe that they are educated. “Indoctrination” is dang near ten syllables, allegedly. Oppression? True oppression? Try being a woman- not a “woman of color” living on a college campus, but a woman living under the Qur’an, as it is written, in the Muslim world. “Female mutilation” may have a lot of syllables, but it’s no laughing matter; it is a terrible and sickening practice that even many Muslim women advocate in various parts of the Muslim world.
Maybe that was a poor word choice:  “terrible and sickening” is used before “setback” to describe Muslim terrorist attacks in Paris, at least according to Islamic worldwide spokesman Barack Obama. He’s saving up the really big, bad words for when they nuke an American city. ‘No sense in overrating 129 deaths’ is apparently what is going through Obama’s mind.
Real oppression is getting a hand chopped off for a minor offense or being stoned to death for a marital dalliance. I did not see that any of the Mizzou protestors were missing hands. Some of them were indeed stoned, but, well, yeah, that’s a little different. There was nothing those children were forced to accept that would constitute oppression, and sad to say, they do not understand that.
ISIS is not known for little pranks like yelling racial epithets or pasting human feces onto a bathroom wall in the shape of a swastika in the middle of the night- neither ISIS nor people on the MU campus do such things. For ISIS, their idea of fun includes decapitation, watching people die, finding sick ways for people to die, and a little explosive termination of life here and there.
What we average, ordinary, educated Americans fail to understand is, to leftists with grievances, ISIS is mere child’s play. The serious problems in the world are in the minds of these children- oppression is that police do not like them and college presidents do not behave just as the children demand. Never mind that there is no evidence whatsoever of the feces/swastika incident; there is not a chapter of the Ku Klux Klan on the MU campus, as claimed; and they don’t realize that they need to sit down with their grandparents to find out how things used to be- which was a whole lot better than how things had been 100 years prior.
Mizzou protestors, the old, discredited “Occupy” movement, and the “Black Lives Matter” movement have merged, rolling up other leftist positions, such as hiking the minimum wage to an unsustainable $15/hr; forgiveness of all school loan debt; and “free” education (we’ll get back to you on what “free” means- it’s an indoctrination thing).
Had the Mizzou protestors not merged with the so-called “Black Lives Matter” movement, their day in the camera lens would have lasted as long as the average university professor’s informed dissertation on the Founding Fathers would last.
Meanwhile, ISIS was on the march, free of containment, free to roam- until a socialist French president decided that he had enough of France’s absurd laissez faire policies toward the Muslim invaders. “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam,” Islam worldwide spokesman Barack Obama once said. Say hello to the socialist from France and see what he thinks about that.
There is one heretofore unmentioned alternative for defeating ISIS:  send the Mizzou/Occupy/Black Lives Matter/PC Police to the Middle East. The terrorists will die laughing. We win, we win.

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