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The Weapon of the Weak: Taking Offense

July 13, 2015

“I find that offensive!” “That offends me!” How often have you heard those words? For many people, those words, or something similar, have been spoken so many times over the last two decades that they are words devoid of meaning.

Modern Liberalism, an ideology fueled by emotion, thrives on the visceral responses that originate far from the reasoning part of the brain. If proof is needed, record the Sunday morning talk shows when two guests will be on repeatedly, facing off over a given policy or cultural issue. It is not uncommon to hear the liberal’s argument defeated with logic, then the process begins anew on another show, featuring the same liberal making the same discredited arguments. The hope is that a new audience will be swayed by the emotions of his argument.

It works. An emotional arguments may be important for relationships, but not for statecraft.

Claiming offense at the actions or words of others is equivalent to an emotional argument:  the argument will not carry the day, so go straight to the anti-logical argument. Claiming offense is, in most instances, the weak attempting to control the strong.

Because some weak people, who frequently claim that an offense has been committed, may read these words, a little explaining is in order. There are incidents of real, actual offense that we all feel as human beings. That said, for any strong person, this should be rare. You can insult me in almost any way that you want and I will respond by either ignoring you or analyzing and attacking your statements (defending myself). If an employee was attacked in such a way by an employer or person in power, an offense likely would be genuine. If hard work and commitment are overlooked, by a person with power, in favor of a personal attack, hurt feelings are natural.

The kind of offense taken in the political realm is quite different than personal matters. The classic case would be if you insulted a particular group of people to which I do not belong. How can my feelings be hurt? I can think less of you; I can recoil at your beliefs; however, I am in no way denigrated, yet many people- usually liberals- would claim to take offense. The only reason that someone not insulted would claim offense would be to get you to stop insulting the group of people.

Let us look at this subject in another way. Assume that you live next door to a person who tells you that he is offended by your flying of the American flag. So your neighbor is offended and - ? He wants you to quit flying it, of course.

Liberals teach that if you offend someone, you are automatically in the wrong. I’ve heard the argument with my own ears. It does not matter whether you actually did or said something wrong; by offending, you made someone uncomfortable. You must change. Therefore, the weak person has just made someone over whom he had no power or jurisdiction change behaviors.

In recent weeks, people have decided that they are offended by one of the several Confederate flags. Never mind that only a few years ago, this symbol was either embraced or ignored by the overwhelming majority of people. An offense has occurred; therefore, others must change. Laws have been passed. Regulations have been written. Speeches have been made. The Confederate flag has got to go because some people are too weak, in mind or in political power, to have persuaded a change before the mob mentality took over.

If those who quickly claim offense were strong- in mind- they would make their arguments and persuade a majority to agree with them. In South Carolina, legislators acted out of fear of the national press, not out of logical persuasion. In the same way, those who are offended wish to ridicule, boycott, and frighten those who cannot be persuaded by the weak argument. This is known as bullying. Given the power of the press and the shrinking number of honorable people willing to take a stand, this strategy of offense works.

One can dislike the Confederate flag and not be a weak human being. The point is, the flag was tolerated until a bullying opportunity arose.

Same-sex relations are clearly an offense to God, but God Himself allows free will. Liberals only accept free will when you freely agree with them.

Think about how many times over the last two decades that changes have been effected by one complaining person. In a perverse way, our society has empowered the weak to take dominion over the strong. Why? Because the weak can win no other way, and many of the weak in mind hold similar views.

The next time you hear someone say that they are offended by the actions or words of someone who holds no power over them, ask yourself a question:  Does this person have a weak argument? Is this person too mentally weak to put together logical, persuasive thoughts? You will be surprised at how many times the answer is “yes.”

Our Western civilization is declining rapidly. Good is bad; bad is good; weak people have learned to bully the strong through the media. The strong are just as rapidly losing battles because other weak people are seeing that bullying is not such a bad thing to do, after all.

If you are offended by my words, please let me know. I enjoy when people “out” themselves. Weak people are no longer shy about expressing their mental shortcomings, so why should you?

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