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Israel Fears an Obama Presidency

April 7, 2008

Most Israelis would prefer that almost anyone (with perhaps the exception of Louis Farrakhan) but Obama become the next US President. They have good reason for their grave fears of what an Obama presidency would mean to Israel. And their fears are not just based on the fact that he is the favored candidate of Arabs and Muslims. The Israelis are watching the company he keeps.

Obama is running as a black candidate, although he is half white. It has been amusing to watch this millionaire from Hawaii pass himself off as a poor black man from the Southside of Chicago - and get away with it! Geraldine Ferraro - a liberal who has seldom uttered a word with which I would agree - got it right when she discussed Obama's qualifications. She said that he had none except for the fact that he is black. She was roundly criticized by fellow liberals, but what did she say that was incorrect?

She was discussing the fact that this is a historic election in that for the first time we have a woman and a black person running for the highest office in the land. She did not speak of him in a mean-spirited way, but she mentioned the facts that we all know. He has only a few years experience as a Junior Senator, and he has virtually no legislative accomplishments to his name. She said, correctly, that he would not have become a leading candidate had he not been a black man. Other than the fact that he is a great orator (or perhaps has great speech writers), there is nothing special about the man. If he were white, he would not have been a contender. Liberal guilt put him where he is today.

What she left unsaid is that there is mounting evidence that he is also a black supremacist racist and an anti-Semite. Most of the commentary on this subject has been very polite, with much tip-toeing around the facts, and few conclusions drawn. Unfortunately, I am neither polite nor tactful when it comes to racism. Whether the racism is from a white person or black person, I condemn it.

Young Obama was raised in a Muslim home and attended Muslim schools, but there is no evidence that he considered himself a Muslim. Rather, he was an agnostic in his early twenties when he worked as a "community organizer" (read "agitator") in Chicago. But when he decided to go into politics and run as a black candidate, it was clear that he needed to affiliate with a Christian church, since the vast majority of blacks in America are Christians.

It is interesting that out of the thousands of churches in Chicago, Obama chose to affiliate with a racist church (Trinity United Church of Christ) that Sunday after Sunday spews forth hatred of Jews and whites. Interesting, but perhaps not so surprising, since Islam, the religion of Obama's childhood, is also a religion that preaches hatred.

Everyone knows that Obama is closely tied (joined at the hip might be a more apt term) to the pastor of that church, "Rev." Jeremiah Wright. Wright married Obama and his wife Michelle (who says she has always been ashamed of America -see LINK below) and baptized his two children. According to Obama's own words in speeches, press conferences, and in his book, Wright has been his close confidant and guide throughout his political life. Obama's own statements make it clear that his beliefs and values have been heavily influenced by twenty years of close association with this man, and listening to close to a thousand of his "sermons".

When Obama joined Wright's church, he knew that his pastor was a former Black Muslim who hated Israel. Although he has attempted to distance himself from Wright since Wright's true evil nature has become widely known, Obama's philosophy has definitely been shaped by Wright. Obama has on more than one occasion stated that Wright has been his "spiritual mentor and moral compass" for over twenty years.

Video of his spiritual mentor "preaching" (I would not call it preaching, since it has nothing to do with the Bible) has been all over the major networks and YouTube spewing forth his hatred of whites, Jews and America. He has screamed "God D**N America!!" from his pulpit. He has stated in church services that AIDS was developed by the US Government to infect and kill blacks, and that the Government supplies drugs to blacks for the same reason. And after 911 he gleefully shouted that America had finally gotten what it had coming!

This is the kind of "preaching" Obama heard in the hundreds of services he attended at Wright's church. "Jesus taught me how to love the Hell out of my enemies, and not be reduced to their level of bigotry and small-mindedness." Yet in the same sermon, he preached more hatred. He abuses blacks who say that racial prejudice has been greatly reduced in this nation, and that they have found great opportunities to advance if they get an education and work hard. He preaches that all blacks are oppressed and injustice abounds, instilling resentment in his congregation and fanning flames of hatred. Then he says, "And I'm tired of Nigras who don't get it!" These are not statements taken out of context. Go on the Internet and search for Jeremiah Wright. You will find whole sermons full of such invective.

Here is some choice theology from "Rev." Wright that Obama listens to on a regular basis: "Racism is how this country was founded and how this country is still run! We are deeply involved in the importing of drugs, the exporting of guns and the training of professional KILLERS...We believe in white supremacy and black inferiority and believe it more than we believe in God...We conducted radiation experiments on our own people...We care nothing about human life if the ends justify the means!" The crowd whoops and amens as Wright builds to his climax: "And. And. And! GAWD! Has GOT! To be SICK! OF THIS S**T!"

The church's "Liberation Theology" claims that blacks are God's Chosen People. It preaches that blacks are morally superior to whites. Wright calls Israel a "terrorist nation" from the pulpit. And his denomination has repeatedly taken decidedly anti-Israel positions. Its leaders have obviously never read the Bible where it tells them that God will bless those who bless Israel, and curse those who curse Israel.

In its YouTube promotional video the church proclaims itself to be a Liberation Church that "speaks for the oppressed" and "is not ashamed of its African roots." It seems to be more of a political organization than a church, however. In one of his sermon series posted on the website on February 3rd, 2003, Wright gave a "War on Iraq IQ Test" which was nothing but a liberal political brainwashing, and had no mention of the Bible. One of the many lies contained in this diatribe is item 18: "Question: How many retreating Iraqi soldiers were buried alive by U. S. tanks with ploughs mounted on the front? Answer: 6,000."

That makes my blood boil! Many, if not most of you, have friends and family serving in the US military. Can you even imagine any of them burying soldiers alive? Even if there were a few loose cannons among our troops who would do something that horrible (and I don't believe for a moment there are), it would be impossible to keep secret the deaths of 6,000 people. This man is a maniac! His brain is so fried by hatred that he has lost all sense of reality.

Another example of Wright's disconnect from reality is his statement in a sermon (see LINK below) that America is a nation where "poor black people are controlled by rich white people." Never mind the fact that there are many black people in this country who are far wealthier than many of the white people. Never mind that many of the politicians who "control" the country are black. Listen to the insanity of his follow-up statement: "JESUS was a poor black man who lived in a nation controlled by rich white people!" These are the rants of a man who has serious influence over a man who may become our president. Think about it.

Wright has made many false and inflammatory statements, but this one especially feeds into the hatred he instills in his congregation: "We got more black men in prison than there are in college." And of course his little disciple Barack parroted the lie in his speeches: "I don't want to wake up four years from now and discover that we still have more young black men in prison than in college." Either Obama is stupid enough to believe such drivel, or he knows it's a lie and uses it for political purposes anyway. Either way, he is not qualified to be president. (See the LINK below for the actual FACTS on this subject; there are five times as many young black men in colleges than there are in all the prisons AND jails in this nation put together.)

After Wright's racist and anti-American views began to be exposed (he calls the United States the "US of KKK"), the church took his "IQ Test" off their website. Fortunately, several other websites copied and posted it before it could be forever hidden from view (see LINK below).

The church's website (see LINK below) describes it as "Unashamedly Black and Unapologetically Christian." It is interesting that it identifies itself as Black first, and Christian second. Their logo on the opening page consists of the name of the church superimposed over a map of Africa! Their promotional video (see LINK below) states that the church's job is to address "the problem of the color line" and eradicate it. Funny, I always thought that the job of the church was to spread the Good News that Jesus loves everyone, regardless of color. Silly me.

The video states that "Trinity edifies the black religious experience." No room for white people in that statement. And as I watched the video I was shocked to find that there was not one white face to be seen in the huge congregation! I will not attend a church where people of any race or color are not welcome. I wonder why Obama does?

As a minister who has read the entire Bible many times through, I can state unequivocally that the Bible does not allow for the concept of a "black religious experience" or a white religious experience. The only experience the Lord wants us to have is one in which all believers are one in Christ. Anything else is racism, no matter what pretty terms you use to describe it.

I was curious about what Biblical basis they claimed for their theology, so I searched their Akiba Online Bookstore's "Afro-Centric Theology" selections. Two titles and their descriptions jumped out at me: "'Black Theology.' This is the classic sourcebook for the emergence of Black theology in the United States. Born out of the Civil Rights Movement and the emerging demand for Black Power, Black theology has tried for 25 years to relate the gospel to the African American experience of oppression and the struggle for liberation." The emerging demand for Black Power. There's an election slogan for you, Barack.

Another classic: "'A Black Theology of Liberation.' When A Black Theology of Liberation was first published in 1970, it was revolutionary because it claimed that white theology had no relevance as Christ's message because it was 'not related to the liberation of the poor.' It also asserted that 'racism...is found not only in American society and its churches but particularly in the discipline in theology, affecting its nature and purpose.' James Gone was among the leaders in the establishment of a black theology movement that reinterpreted Christianity as a tool for the liberation of the black community."

If I were to write a book that "reinterpreted Christianity" and proclaimed a White Theology, imagine the names I would be called. The ACLU would convince some liberal District Attorney to arrest me for a hate crime.

You remember Louis Farrakhan, don't you? Farrakhan, well known for his virulent hatred of all whites, is equally generous in his hatred of Jews.  He still brags about his "Million Man March" on Washington, DC (which authorities say was attended by less than 100,000). Although the direct ties between Obama and Louis Farrakhan are not yet clear, it is clear that Obama continued to attend Wright's church and was one of its largest contributors even after Wright gave Farrakhan his church's highest honor.

Yet Wright and his church (and by extension, Barrack Obama through his support of the church and its racist pastor) gave Farrakhan  the "Rev. Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr. Lifetime Achievement Trumpeteer Award" at the 2007 Trumpet Gala at the United Church of Christ. In the church's video describing this atrocity, they referred to Farrakhan as "The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan." I almost gagged.

The fact that a supposed Christian minister would call a radical Muslim a Minister is disturbing enough. The fact that he is close friends with Farrakhan, and traveled with him to visit Libyan terrorist leader Momar Kadafi, should really make us wonder why Obama would have the bad judgment to have anything to do with Wright. (Remember, Obama lectured us that experience isn't so important in a president - judgment is far more important.)

Here are some quotes from Farrakhan's videotaped speeches:

"Judaism is a gutter religion."
"All Jews are "bloodsuckers."
"Hitler was a great man."
"White people are potential humans - they just haven't evolved yet."

Farrakhan is a nutcase who claims to be a prophet of the "Nation of Islam," but also claims that he is Jesus! (See LINK to video below.) Watch his video and hear him say, "The historical Jesus was not the Messiah. He spoke of the Prophetic Jesus." He goes on to say that HE is the Prophetic Jesus, the real Messiah that world has been waiting for. "The real Jesus was not born in Bethlehem. He was born in Sanders, Georgia." Sanders is, of course, this blasphemer's home town. "By MY stripes you will be healed!" he cries.

Recently Farrakhan endorsed Obama's run for the White House. Anyone with an ounce of decency would have immediately rejected the endorsement of such an evil person. But not Obama. Although he called Farrakhan's previous anti-Semitic remarks "unacceptable and reprehensible" he still refused to reject them! And he also refused to reject Farrakhan's endorsement. (See video in LINK below.)

One final note concerning Obama's pastor. He has said that "Louis Farrakhan epitomizes greatness." He stated that when news of his relationship with Farrakhan and their joint trip to visit Kadafi became known, Obama's Jewish support would "..dry up like a snowball in Hell." It appears that he is something of a prophet. The more people find out about Wright, Farrakhan and Obama, the worse he does in the polls. Recent polls show McCain beating him handily in a general election, and his loss of Jewish support has obviously been a major factor in Obama's weakness in the polls. He once had what looked like an unbeatable momentum. Now these revelations have made it impossible for him to get enough delegates to cinch the nomination prior to the convention.

This is a summary of undisputable facts regarding this man who wants to rule America:

1) He knows that his close friend and spiritual advisor is a racist, anti-Semite, America hater. The first sermon he heard in Wright's church was titled, "White Man's Greed."
2) Wright's anti-Jew, anti-white, anti-America rants are not "snippets taken out of context" as Obama claims. Rather, they are full hate-filled sermons which the church sells on DVD's.
3) Obama continued to attend and support Wright's church until the political heat got too strong.
4) Wright was an official in Obama's campaign, but when word got out about Wright's views Obama told him he could not appear on stage when Obama announced his candidacy.
5) Wright's church is under IRS investigation for continually politicking for Obama and trashing Hillary (calling her terrible names) during church services.
6) He knows what Louis Farrakhan stands for, yet he refuses to reject his endorsement.
7) Israeli leaders fear an Obama presidency because of his consistent anti-Israel voting record.
8) He has accepted a tremendous amount of support from George Soros, multibillionaire supporter of groups that are committed to undermining the US-Israel relationship.
9) His foreign policy advisors are people who hate Israel and believe the US should not support the only nation in the Middle East that shares America's values. They include controversial figures such as Zbigniew Brzezinski, Robert Malley, Samantha Power and Susan Rice.

We need Israel every bit as much as Israel needs us. Israel is our only friend in the Middle East. An Obama presidency could set back American-Israeli relations for years to come. Worse, because he would weaken our national defense and offend our friends, an Obama presidency could result in all-out war in the Middle East.

It pains me more than I can describe to say this, but I would rather see Hillary in the White House than Obama.


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