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Europe's Last Stand - America's Final Warning

March 16, 2015

Islam has been trying to take over Europe for 1,000 years. After watching a shocking documentary today, it was clear that they have never given up on that goal – and that they are closer today than they have ever been. Europe may soon become The Islamic State of Europe.
As an American, the other frightening truth that emerged is that if Europe falls to Islam, America will be next. The video describes techniques that the Islamists have been using very successfully to reach their goals. These include “No Go” zones throughout Europe that are ruled by Muslim Sharia law, and which even police and military are afraid to enter. Jihadists are now starting to use some of these methods in our country, and they are starting to gain traction.
I was invited to the private Palm Beach premiere of the documentary by the organizer, Dr. Guido Lombardi, the President of the North Atlantic league, and a fierce defender of Christianity. It was held at Donald Trump’s very luxurious club, Mar-a-Lago, where he maintains a residence. I was very happy to see that the rich and powerful who live in one of the nation's richest and most powerful communities, cared enough about this vital issue to turn out in large numbers and support this documentary.
Afterward I was privileged to have a private interview with the President and Founder of the Christian Action Network (CAN), Martin Mawyer, as well as the Chairman of the Board, David Carroll. Mr. Mawyer and CAN spent four years producing this compelling documentary. I hope after reading this article every one of you will view the entire documentary and share it with everyone you know. Europe’s disease will spread to America unless we inform ourselves and take action very soon.
Let me start with a few examples from one small European country, Sweden. Swedish citizens are allowed to leave the country to join ISIS. If they're injured while fighting against Coalition forces (the good guys), they can come back to Sweden and get free medical care. Then they are allowed to return to the fight. That sounds like aiding the enemy to me.
A leading liberal Swedish politician, Anna Kinberg Batra, has stated that Muslims who travel from Sweden to the Middle East to commit mass murder and rape for the Islamic State are “victims of violence.” (One newspaper called her the “Queen of Idiots” after this interview.) Other Swedish politicians who have criticized the nation’s open door immigration policy have had their lives threatened by Muslim groups.
But the worst statistic in the Documentary was the huge number of Muslim rapes against European women. In Sweden, for instance 100% of rapes are committed by non-Western immigrant men. But they don’t rape their own women – that would be against the Koran. Almost all of the rapes are against Swedish women. 

I checked out these statistics from several sources. In the last year 700 rapes were committed against women (including gang rapes) and 300 against children in this one small nation. But the Swedish government does not allow publication of Muslim rape crime statistics.
Basically, Sweden is committing national suicide. They are so afraid of the Muslims that they refuse to take action to protect their own citizens. And at the same time, they allow thousands more Muslims to enter their country every year.

Let’s talk about France, which is also committing suicide. It has the largest Muslim population; it has a negative birth rate among native French; Muslims in France are 10% of the population, yet 40% of the births are to Muslim women; and they keep on importing Muslims by the millions. France will pay the consequences. It is estimated that by 2040 Muslims may control the entire country.
This chart shows that between 1990 and 2009 the Muslim population of Europe went from 6 Million to 26 Million. Today it is 56 Million. In Cyprus the Muslim population is over 25%. In other nations it’s in the high teens. In major cities like Paris and London, where the major terror attacks are taking place, as many as 15% are Muslim.
France has entire areas of the nation that it calls “Urban Sensitive Zones.” These exist all across Europe, and are more commonly called “No Go Zones” or “Shariah Controlled Zones.” If you are not Muslim and you value your life, you had better not enter these. “Crimes” are handled by “Muslim Patrols” which are basically gangs who make their living selling drugs. But in a strange irony they are allowed to enforce Islamic religious law. Muslim women in these areas can be arrested and tried in Sharia courts for showing their faces or talking to a man. But these gangs are allowed by their “religious” leaders to kidnap non-Muslim women, gang rape them, and pass them around to their friends. The real authorities are afraid to enter these zones, because they are met with murderous ambushes; 70% of the French people think Muslims will take France over.
In one area of England, 75% of the schools will not serve pork to students, and only serve other meats if they are blessed by a Muslim cleric. Can you imagine the outcry (here or in Europe) if only Kosher food (food blessed by a Jewish Rabbi) was allowed in schools? These schools have caved in out of fear of violence from the Muslim community.
Free speech is a thing of the past in Europe, which is terribly sad because our tradition of free speech originated there. An Austrian anti-Jihad activist, Elisabeth Sbaditsch-Wolf, was arrested for saying that Mohammed had “a thing for little girls.” It is a historical fact that Mohammed had nine wives, of one whom (Fatima) he married when she was 7! He first raped her at age 9. But in Europe it seems that truth is not a defense against being charged with religious criticism.
A Christian couple lost their hotel in England because of a discussion they had about religion in their breakfast room with a Muslim woman. They thought that they had engaged in a reasoned exchange in which both they and their guest explained their religious views. The woman complained to the police that she was “offended” by their view. The couple, Mr. & Mrs. Ben Vogelenzang stated that the way Muslim women are required to dress was a form of bondage. They didn’t insult Mohammed. They didn’t say that he was a pedophile (which he was). They simply commented on Muslim fashion.
They were arrested and went through a year of hell because of England’s ridiculous “public order laws” that ban the use of words that are “religiously aggravated” (whatever that means). Their business was damaged because of the controversy. They had to lay off all of their staff. Eventually the legal bills to defend themselves forced them to sell the hotel. Today, because England no longer has free speech, they are broke; they’ve lost their family business; and they have an arrest record.
I could tell you hundreds of stories like this, but let me end with what I found to be the most disturbing part of the video. Muslim leaders, speaking in reasoned tones with excellent English calmly stated that there is no doubt they will take over the entire world, because the “Prophet” said it would be so. Forget about a Middle East Caliphate. That’s just the appetizer. Before it’s over they want to consume the entire world for dinner – and they have a well thought out plan for doing so. This plan is described in detail in the Documentary, which is another reason to watch it, and to show it in your church or synagogue.

“Of course, Islam is growing in Europe, and we’re going to take over, very soon – I’m sure of it,” says Abu Imran, head of Sharia for Belgium in the Documentary. “We believe that Islam will dominate the world.”

Anjem Choudary, of Sharia for the UK, states in the Documentary, “I believe the whole of Europe will be governed by Sharia. I believe America will be governed by Sharia. I believe China and Russia will be governed by Sharia. This is a matter that has been foretold by the Prophet Mohammed. So it’s a matter of when, not if.”
If you love God; if you want to see your children and grandchildren grow up in a country where they are allowed religious freedom; if you want to see the wholesale slaughter of Christians and Jews by Muslims stopped dead in its tracks; then I believe your first step is to watch this documentary. Watch the 3-minute trailer below. Then go to the website and buy the documentary. The Bible teaches that only a fool goes into battle without knowing his enemy.
Second, after you know the situation and know how to pray, storm Heaven with prayer that God will show us how to defeat this enemy of the world.
Finally, get involved. I know it’s not politically correct to talk about these things. But which would you prefer – being politically correct or saving lives?
Here is a conversation I never want to have with my grandchildren: “Kids, I remember a time when America was free. We could talk about whatever we wanted to talk about. We could go to church openly, instead of having services in basements and praying that we won’t be arrested or killed.”
“What happened, Grandpa?” I imagine I will have to answer, “America was too lazy to educate themselves about the dangers. They were too busy making money and buying big-screen TVs to notice that we were losing our country – until it was too late.”

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