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Obama's Summer of Confusion

August 5, 2013

(PUBLISHER’S NOTE: My schedule this week did not allow me to do my normal research and write an article. We pulled this article – first published in September, 2009 – from the Archives. Sadly, it demonstrates that nothing has changed in the last 4 years. And it shows how false the promise of “hope and change" for America truly was.)

(Overheard in the Oval Office.) Obama: "I'm confused, Joe. Everyone seemed to like me at first. Now they're all mad at me" Biden: "Well, Barack, nobody could expect you to maintain that approval rating forever. And a 30% drop is not all that bad." Obama: "Not all that bad? You idiot! No wonder everyone told me I'd be better off with Hillary as my running mate."

Biden: "Look, I understand you being sad because so many people dislike you, and you can't get anything passed, and the Tea Party people are protesting all over the country, and a lot of the Democrats aren't backing you. But remember [here Biden bursts into song], 'The sun will come up tomorrow…'" Obama: "You simpleton! The sun's never gonna come up unless I can convince those idiots that voted for me to like me again! They used to believe everything I said. Now it seems like somehow they've figured out I was lying the whole time. Where has my charisma gone? Has someone been messing with my teleprompter?"

I guess I should feel sorry for the guy. But I'm not ashamed to say that I don't – not a bit. He knew he didn't have a clue about how to do the job he signed on for. He knew he had no experience. All he had was a great campaign act.

Once he was in office, he figured out that he was supposed to do some work. He actually tried for a while, but it just wasn't working out for him. So he went back to campaigning. For most of the last eight months he's done almost nothing but campaign. He's given more press conferences in eight months than most presidents give in eight years. And he's given more "major speeches" in less than a year than most presidents give in two terms of office.

And he has traveled. Boy, has he traveled. I'd be surprised if he can find his bedroom in the White House, with the number of countries and states he's visited. All that traveling must be exhausting, because Obama has taken more vacations and personal trips in the last eight months than President Bush did in eight years in office.

Meanwhile, Rome has been burning.

Here is a partial list of the serious mistakes that Obama has made while he ignored his Constitutional responsibilities:

He has reversed years of State Department negotiations and billions spent in planning our missile defense shield that would have protected us against the very real threat of Iranian nuclear missiles. In doing so, he made us look weak and foolish in the eyes of the world, because he caved in to Russia, a weak nation that is still led by Communists. And he betrayed Czechoslovakia and Poland, two brave former slaves of Russia that stood with us and allowed us to base our missile defenses in their countries in spite of Russia's threats.

When he took office we were in a recession that was on the mend. Many top economists said that the best thing he could do would be to leave it alone. Instead, he spent so much money on a "stimulus" that has stimulated nothing, that this year our deficit will be FIVE TIMES bigger than any the nation has ever seen. And that doesn't include the costs of his Cap & Tax Energy Bill, which he claims will not raise taxes, but which in fact will cost every American family $3,900 a year in increased energy costs. Nor does it include the Trillions of dollars he wants to spend on ObamaCare, a system of socialized care that the majority of Americans – Republicans AND Democrats – emphatically DO NOT WANT.

He promised that within months of printing trillions of dollars backed by absolutely nothing, he would stimulate the economy so much that he would bring the unemployment rate from 9% down to 8%. Eight months later, it is at almost 10% and rising. And if you count the "underemployed" (those who are looking for full-time jobs, but are currently working 20 hours a week or less), the REAL unemployment rate is well above 16%. Obama has had the gall to brag about employment rates increasing "in certain sectors." Lie! The only area where employment has gone up has been in government jobs, which produce nothing and add to our tax burden.

He has engineered massive government takeovers of private businesses, a blunder that has been the hallmark of every nation that has fallen into Socialism and eventual economic chaos. He has taken over most of the financial services, insurance and automobile industries. This week he announced a government takeover of student loan plans, which have always been efficiently administered by private banks. Our entire health care system will be next, if he has his way. The only doctor, nurse, hospital or insurance program you will be able to deal with will be run by a government bureaucrat.

To give you an idea of how well government run businesses will work, I just saw a TV ad run by Government Motors (formerly General Motors). In the ad, the president of GM (hired by Obama), a man who obviously knows nothing about the car industry, gave a 60-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee. If there is anything you don't like about their cars you can simply return them. Anyone who knows anything about new cars knows that when you title them they become a used car, and are worth 30% less than the price you paid the day you drive them off the lot. Imagine all the people who are going to buy a GM car, take it on vacation for a couple of months, and return it because they weren't "100% satisfied." No real car company could do that. But not to worry. This is Government Motors. It doesn't matter if it loses a few Billion dollars. The taxpayers will cover the bill.

Seven men who have held the office of United States Attorney General have come out against the persecution of CIA officials by Obama's Attorney General, Eric Holder. After Obama released Guantanamo Bay terrorists and housed them on the beach in Bermuda at US taxpayer expense, he ordered Holder to begin criminal investigations against CIA case officers who interrogated terrorists. (Obama claims it was Holder's decision, but everyone knows Holder doesn't make decisions like that on his own). This makes my blood boil. Coddle the terrorists, and persecute the people who risked their lives to protect us from them. People who stopped countless acts of terror here and abroad by those interrogations. If this isn't stopped, no interrogator will be able to do his job for fear of being arrested.

One of Obama's biggest blunders to date has been to attack free speech. His is the party of the Viet Nam protests. Democrats and Liberals rioted in the streets, burned cars and storefronts, violently disrupted political conventions, and spat on returning soldiers. But today any Republican or Conservative who dares to speak out against ObamaCare, the mortgaging of our children's futures by an exploding national debt, or confiscatory taxation that makes it impossible for many families to survive, is called terrible names by the White House and the Democrat leadership. Obama, his press secretary, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have variously called Tea Party protestors "thugs," "domestic terrorists," "Nazis," "Un-American" and worse. They told protestors to "Shut up!" So much for free speech.

Probably the single most stupid miscalculation on Obama's part in the last eight months has been to play the race card. I suppose it just shows how desperate he is. Ex-President Jimmy Carter, arguably one of the least intelligent and least effective presidents in recent memory, recently stated that people who oppose ObamaCare are racists! You may say that Carter did this on his own, but if you think that, you don't know how these things work. Carter wouldn't dare make a statement like that without clearing it with Obama. This is reinforced by the fact that at the same time a whole chorus of Obama stooges, both politicians like Maxine Waters, and pitiful excuses for journalists like Chris Matthews, were saying the exact same thing. Never mind that it doesn't make a lick of sense. Never mind that health care and race have nothing to do with each other. If you get enough well-known idiots saying the same thing, a certain low-IQ segment of the population will swallow it. And Obama gets to stay above the fray because he didn't say it personally. He was just the puppet-master pulling the strings.

Believe it or not, Obama is a smart man. You wouldn't know it by the way he has been acting the last eight months, but he has brains. If he would just apply them to doing his job, he could do some good. The problem is that, in addition to being smart, he is an extremist. He may care about our country to some small degree, but he cares far more about his extreme, radical agenda. He really believes that our nation would be better off as part of a one-world Socialist government. And that is why all these things that seem so stupid to rational Conservative people seem so logical to a Liberal like Obama.


Who taught you to lie, call people names, and accuse people of racism?


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