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Apocalypse – NOT!

March 4, 2013

After having listened to Obama predicting the end of the world for the last few weeks, millions of Democrats (and chickens) spent most of the day Friday staring at the sky and waiting for it to fall in. When it did not, they went to bed Friday night exhausted, with just one thought on their collective minds: “How could the messiah, the anointed one, the one who Knows All, have been so desperately wrong?”

Not only did the sky not fall in. Airplanes have not dropped from the skies. Three hour lines have not developed in airports. Tens of thousands of cops, firefighters and teachers have not been fired. The Grand Canyon had not been shut down. The highways are still open. The Head Start Program has not been closed, and kids are still getting school lunches. And sick people are still being treated in hospitals. All of these were things Obama promised would happen if the Republicans did not give in to him and raise taxes even more. (Except maybe the part about the sky falling in…)

Here, in a nutshell, is what the Liar-in-Chief has been telling Americans for almost a month: “The mean, bad Republicans won’t let me increase taxes even more than I increased them in January. As a result of their unwillingness to compromise, we are going to have to cut government spending by 2.2%, which will essentially mean the end of civilization as we know it.” (He doesn’t mention that the decrease is not a decrease at all; it is a slowing of growth. He has, after all, increased domestic spending by 17% beforehand.)

Let me ask you, the typical American family, a question. Could you, for the good of your family, cut your budget by 2.2%?  Most of you would answer, “In a heartbeat.” Let me ask this another way. If I had just increased your total income by 17%, would you have any trouble taking away 2.2% of the income you hadn’t even received yet in order to help your family? You would likely answer, “What a dumb question! Of course I would cut the 2.2% without hesitation.”

Unfortunately, something happens to the brains of ordinary citizens when they enter government. There is a little-known, very tiny switch at the base of everyone’s brain, marked “Common Sense.” In order to enter public office, or to take employment as a government bureaucrat, there is a secret law that requires that switch to be turned to the “Off” position. This is why ordinary citizens can’t understand why government people seem incapable of thinking like we do.

Here are two examples of how Obama thinks differently from the way humans do. With a major national crisis looming, most Americans felt that Obama should be doing everything possible to meet with Congressional leaders to work out some kind of compromise to save us from the death and disaster Obama assured us was coming on Friday, March 1st, 2013.

Instead, he went to Florida to play golf with Tiger Woods. They made a nice pair – a serial adulterer and a serial liar.

But, to be fair, Obama did meet with Congressional leaders for a few minutes in the week before the Sequester – to unveil a statue of Rosa Parks.

Not once in this crucial week did Obama reach out to Congress. The closest he came to communicating with Congress was when Republicans offered two bills to fix the problem. Obama said he would veto both of them. He did not offer any changes or compromise that would make the bills acceptable to him. He just said he would veto them, leaving everyone with the clear impression that he would not tolerate compromise. He wanted to punish anyone who dared to think differently than he did.

He made that clear by the way his White House smeared and threatened veteran investigative reporter Bob Woodward (the reporter who took down the Nixon White House). Woodward is no conservative, but he is respected by liberals and conservatives alike because of his zealous adherence to the truth. He meticulously researches every word he prints.

Woodward, formerly an Obama supporter, revealed that he was screamed at in the White House for half an hour by a senior administration official. He also received a threatening email from Gene Sperling, director of the president’s National Economic Council. “It makes me very uncomfortable to have the White House telling reporters, you’re going to regret doing something that you believe in,” Mr. Woodward said in an interview on CNN.

All of this abuse came about as a result of a book (The Price of Politics) Mr. Woodward wrote in which he revealed that the whole idea behind Sequestration originated in the White House and was approved by Obama himself. When it was Conservatives and Republicans saying the same thing, Obama could deny it by saying it was the opposition telling lies about him. But when a renowned liberal reporter revealed the same facts (giving dates and times), Obama could no longer deny the truth. Instead he resorted to his old tactics of smearing, attacking and threatening the bearer of the unwelcome news.

Last week in my article explaining the Sequester (see LINK to “Poison Pill” at end) I showed the many lies Obama has told about the results of Sequestration and predicted that they would all be proven false last Friday. They were, and Obama has a lot of egg on his face. But he wasn’t content to wait to see if his predictions came true. On the contrary—he scrambled to set dozens of schemes in motion in an attempt to prove that he was right.

One of these schemes involved the release of 5,000 illegal aliens, most of whom were classified as “non-deportable” (meaning they were so dangerous that the country from which they came would not take them back). DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano claims this was done to deal with budget cuts caused by Sequestration. Strangely, almost half of this number (over 2,000) were released starting in February, long before it was clear whether Sequestration would happen. The other three thousand will be released this month. The White House was less than forthright, claiming “a few hundred” had been released until their lie was challenged by AP reporters who baffled the White House by the use of facts. This whole stunt was designed to cause fear and exert political pressure to stop the Sequestration.

In 1980 Communist Dictator Fidel Castro released thousands of criminals from Cuba’s prisons and mental patients from its asylums and systematically deposited them into the (less than eager) arms of the United States. These outcasts of society were interspersed with thousands of other Cubans seeking political asylum in the U.S., making it almost impossible to determine which were ordinary citizens seeking freedom, and which were dangerous criminals and mental patients. He did this to discredit Cuban exiles in the minds of the American people, and to score political points with Communist leaders.

So, what do Obama and Castro have in common? They both released thousands of violent criminals to score political points.

And what do Obama and the Mayans have in common? They both made stupid predictions that did not come true.


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