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August 8, 2005

Finally, someone has had the courage to say it. British Prime Minister Tony Blair has told the Islamic hate-mongers, those who want to destroy British society: If you don't like the British way of life, we will deport you. I only wish President Bush would have the courage to do the same.

You didn't see much about this in the media, because the liberals who control the media didn't like what Blair had to say. After all, it was so, so un-liberal. But he was right to say it. He told the Muslims and others with the same hateful attitudes that if they want to come to Britain to enjoy the benefits and freedoms there, they had darn well better support the ideals that make those freedoms possible. If not, they will be sent back to the backward swamps from which they crawled before coming to his civilized nation.

Again, why haven't we heard our own President, who is so often accused of being a "cowboy", utter these same sentiments? Why has the prim and proper Tony Blair out-cowboyed our President? What (or who) is Bush afraid of?

To be sure, Britain invited the recent bombings on their capital. Through its extremely liberal open immigration policy, and an asylum policy that has protected terrorists, Britain has created conditions that have resulted in London hosting more radical Islamic groups and cells than any other capital in Europe. And government policies have embraced and empowered radical Islamic groups on British soil. But unless Blair loses his newfound spine, that is all about to change.

Read the stories (see LINKS below) that give the details of Blair's speech. I will list some of the key points here:

First, Blair promised measures were in place to fast-track the deportation of radical Islamic preachers to prevent them from spreading what he described as their "evil and extreme ideology." This is important, because in Britain (as well as in the United States), evil Islamic clerics are using the most hateful parts of the Koran to twist young minds and turn teenagers into suicide bombers.

In addition, Blair said, the government was preparing orders allowing it to shut down places of worship used as centers for "fomenting extremism." This may sound strange coming from an ordained minister, but I am in favor of this, just as I would be in favor of closing down any church here in the States whose pastor incited its members to join the Ku Klux Klan and lynch blacks.

Blair announced that two Islamic organizations, Hizb ut-Tahrir and Al-Muhajiroun, would be banned in Britain. It's about time! These organizations have long preached that America and Britain DESERVED to be attacked because they invaded Iraq. The problem is that they were preaching destruction of Western democracies long BEFORE we invaded Iraq. Iraq is just their latest excuse for a hatred that stems not from politics, but rather from a hate filled religion which believes anyone who does not embrace Islam is satanic and deserves to die.

On this subject, Blair denounced as "appalling rubbish" the opinions of those who support the London bombings as legitimate expression of Muslim anger at the policies of Britain and the United States.

According to Blair, Britain's home secretary would be empowered to deport or exclude anyone "fostering hatred, advocating violence to further a person's beliefs or justifying or validating such violence." He promised that a list will be made of "specific extremist Web sites, bookshops, centers, networks" and organizations and that "active engagement" with any of them would be a "trigger" for possible deportation. And it will be an offense to condone or glorify terrorism anywhere, not just in the U.K. "Anyone who has participated in terrorism or has anything to do with it anywhere will automatically be refused" for immigration, according to a statement from the Prime Minister's office. This is great. Before, anyone could preach terrorism abroad, and be welcomed to Great Britain with open arms, because the offense had not been made on British soil. Blair also said the government would consider stripping citizenship from naturalized Britons "engaged in extremism." This is a major step. In Britain, as here in the States, if an individual has been given citizenship, they have traditionally been treated just as if they had been born here. My wife is a naturalized US citizen, having been born in Cuba, so I do not say this lightly. But both the United States and Great Britain have hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of naturalized citizens who have come to our countries for no other reason than to destroy us from within. Neither country should hesitate to strip those individuals of their deceitfully-gained citizenship.

Finally, Blair has proposed the establishment within the Muslim community in Britain of a commission to advise on how to better integrate into society "those parts of the community presently inadequately integrated." And not a second too soon. In Great Britain, as in the US, huge segments of the Muslim society isolate themselves from the society at large. They come here supposedly because they admire our ideals and desire the freedoms we exemplify, yet they wall themselves in to their self-imposed ghettos.

Many never learn the language of their adopted countries. They go to religious schools that teach them to hate the nations that have generously accepted them. They go to mosques where they learn more hatred from screaming preachers. Many never leave their communities, where they shop in their own shops, eat at their own restaurants, and never socialize with other citizens. They are sitting ducks for the religious leaders who teach them hatred and hide terrorists and guns in their mosques, because they have no basis of comparison. It is as if they had never left the Middle East.

Because of this isolationism, even in Britain and here in the US, young women are forced into marriages with old men they do not love. Young girls who are raped must prove to religious leaders that they have been raped, but the only way they can prove it is if they have four male Muslim witnesses - an impossibility. So they have two choices. The safest is to not report the rape, but that makes them a target for future crimes. If they do report it, and can't prove it with four witnesses, they are considered adulteresses, and their families are duty-bound to murder them. They call it "honor killing."

Folks, this is happening every day in Great Britain and in the US. I'm not saying that all Muslims force their daughters into unwanted marriages or engage in honor killings. Many have assimilated and have abandoned these barbaric religious practices. But those who isolate themselves continue these practices today in two of the most enlightened nations on earth. I hope Blair is successful in helping these deceived people assimilate into civilized society.

Bravo and bravo! Tony Blair has finally stopped appeasing Islamic murderers. Up to now, he has adopted a Bill and Hillary Clinton approach: "Boys, let's make nice. We'll sit down and talk about why you enjoy murdering our people so much. Then you can tell us what we did wrong, and we'll promise to be good."

Blair must have been studying Ronald Reagan, who had the guts to say, "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!" He followed the lead of the Great One, and basically said, "You spineless hate-mongers are out of here. You don't have the guts to strap bombs on yourselves. Instead, you teach your children your evil religion's hatred, and send THEM to die from suicide bombs as they murder innocent civilians. NO MORE!!"

President Bush: Take a note. Ignore the Democrats who want to appease the extremists. Find out where Blair got his spine transplant and get one for yourself.


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