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Opt Out of the Naked Scanners

November 22, 2010

If you’re traveling by air on November 23rd, the good news is that The Transportation Safety Administration has decided to allow you to choose the manner in which it degrades and humiliates you. You can choose the “Naked Body Scan” in which you will be dosed with supposedly “low levels” of radiation that allow a TSA employee to ogle every private part of your body. (The radiation allows them to see through your clothing just as if you were standing there totally nude.) Your other choice is to be sexually assaulted by a complete stranger who will grope and fondle every part of your body – with the permission of the Barrack Obama, who says this is “necessary.”

The better news is that you have an opportunity to put a stop to this insanity. It’s called the National Opt Out Day. There are several links to websites that go into more detail at the end of this article, but here is a synopsis. The organizers are asking that all travelers on the day before Thanksgiving (the heaviest air travel day of the year) “Opt Out” of the Naked Scanner. You are allowed to do this, but if you do, you will be required to submit to the new “enhanced pat down.”

Why should you do this? The scanner takes 17 seconds. The pat down procedure takes up to four minutes. When they touch your genitals or breasts, you should loudly request a supervisor and complain that you have been sexually molested. This should extend the time even more. If the supervisor explains that this is not sexual molestation because the groper is the same sex, ask if they can prove that the screener is not a homosexual. Within an hour it will be clear to the TSA that their perverted policy is totally unworkable, and they will be forced to switch to procedures that actually work, such as the ones that have kept Israel safe for decades.

Israel doesn’t use any of these ridiculous scanners, for the same reason that Europe rejected them years ago – they don’t work. The only reason the US uses them is that Michael Chertoff, the former head of Homeland Security, is now the chief salesman for RapiScan, the Naked Scanner’s manufacturer. Isn’t that a cozy arrangement? Chertoff makes millions selling worthless machines based on the decisions of his former employees.

I realize calling them worthless is a strong statement, but look at the facts. They don’t pick up anything that the current metal detectors don’t pick up. There is no proof that they would have stopped the “underwear bomber,” the biggest selling point used to push them. And the government’s own reports show that unless they are set exactly right, they can emit dangerous levels of radiation. Based on the exhibited competence and intelligence of the TSA employees you have met, are you willing to risk your health (perhaps your life) on their ability to maintain these scanners to the required exacting standards? I’m certainly not.

As far as the fondling and groping is concerned, Israel still uses the wands that the TSA has abandoned. Israel hasn’t had a terrorist incident in decades. We have had many, including 9-11 in which thousands died. Who has the smarter system?

You could argue that the TSA wasn’t established until after 9-11, which is true. But it maintains the same head-in-the-sand mindset that was prevalent in government agencies prior to its establishment. It relies on machines instead of judgment. And it is deathly afraid of offending Muslims, so it refuses to use the one advantage we have against terrorists – we know who they are.

We know that every single airline terrorist incident has involved Muslim males between 18 and 35 years of age. And yet the idiotic TSA administration allows Mohammed to walk onto airplanes unexamined every day, while it gropes nuns, sick old men, grandmothers in wheelchairs, and three-year-old children.

Israel knows what we know, and they do something about it. They cannot afford the luxury of political correctness. They realize what our political leaders refuse to acknowledge – that their lives depend on profiling. And so they profile.

Let me ask a question. If a police dispatcher issued an alert for two Asian males in a white van who had just robbed a bank, would it be racial profiling to stop only white vans with Asian males? Or do you think it would be more “sensitive” if they were to stop equal numbers of white males, black females, nuns and Eskimos?

Israel knows the answer to that question. The United States does not. Israel makes limited use of proven equipment like metal detectors and hand-held wands, and puts most of its efforts into intelligent use of agents who know how to profile and watch for suspicious behavior. The United States…

1) Refused to allow an airline pilot to fly his airplane because he refused to submit to the Naked Scanner OR the genital grope. He reasoned (correctly) that if he wanted to bring down a plane, he wouldn’t need a bomb. All he would need to do would be to aim his plane at the ground. He sued the TSA, and they decided that maybe they should trust pilots!

2) Forced a flight attendant who is a breast cancer survivor to remove her prosthetic breast at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport. 

3) Left a bladder cancer survivor who uses a urostomy bag to collect urine crying and covered in urine after TSA agents ignored his warning that their pat-down would break the seal on the urine bag. The Michigan man said agents also ignored his request to go to a private screening area.

4) Threatened San Diego traveler John Tyner with a $10,000 fine and arrest and told him he could not leave the airport after he refused both the Naked Scanner and the groping pat down. After he decided he would not fly and got American Airlines to refund his ticket, he was told that since he had entered the security area, if he did not go through the humiliating procedures and take his flight, he would be fined and arrested. A new TSA policy (instituted after massive public protests of these invasive procedures) states that if a person changes his mind and decides not to fly, they are considered to be “fleeing” the airport, and subject to arrest.

5) Apparently forced YouTube to remove a video of a TSA goon forcibly patting down three-year-old Mandy Simon in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Her father, a TV reporter, videotaped the incident on his cell phone as his daughter screamed. “Stop touching me!!” The video went viral on YouTube, but has suddenly disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Supposedly this is because of a copyright claim by the Tribune Corp., but interestingly Tribune made no such claim for months, until the TSA complained.

One aspect of this story that has been ignored by the media because of political correctness is the problem of homosexual and lesbian screeners. As I mentioned earlier, the TSA is quick to point out that all the fondling and groping is done by same-sex screeners. Frankly, I didn’t like it one bit when a straight man was poking and prodding my genital area when I went through one of these pat downs. I don’t know what I would do if I was faced with the situation a gentleman I met in Dallas went through.

He was sent for the extreme pat down procedure to a male screener who was an obvious, flaming homosexual. Up until a few weeks ago, when TSA instituted the “enhanced procedures,” screeners used the backs of their hands in sensitive areas. That was bad enough. Now they use their palms and fingers. This homosexual lingered in my friend’s groin area for over thirty seconds, repeatedly fondling him. He said it felt like an hour. When he objected, the pervert quietly told him to shut up or he would have him arrested for resisting a federal officer. He told me he felt terribly ashamed for not having the courage to make a complaint, but he was afraid that being arrested would hurt his career.

I have not included photos from the Naked Scanners, although over 35,000 of them have been leaked by government employees and are all over the Internet. The government claims that the Naked Scanners have no ability to store or transmit images, but the government’s own specifications for the machines require that they have both hard drives and USB ports. Supposedly these are disabled before they are shipped to the airports, but that leaves us with two questions:

1) Why are they required on the machines in the first place?

2) How have thousands of images, which clearly show male and female genitals and breasts, including clear images of the nipple area, been leaked?

Those of you who read this by email should go to www.ConservativeTruth.com to see the photos that follow. They are actual pictures of US citizens being subjected to unlawful and unconstitutional searches of their persons (remember the Fourth Amendment?)

You should also view the videos linked below. They show citizens being touched in their most private areas, children being touched by TSA screeners in their groins, sick senior citizens being subjected to humiliating extreme hand searches, and even TSA goons putting their hands inside the clothing of citizens.

If anyone else did what the TSA is doing to Americans in any other location, they would be arrested for sexual assault. Should they be allowed to do these awful things to US citizens in the dubious hope that it might give us some tiny edge in safety?

Ben Franklin famously said, “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Are you willing to give up your liberty for the illusion of safety?


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