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Does One Homosexual Plus One Lesbian Equal One Bisexual?

July 14, 2001

Frankly, I’m confused. The National Education Association (NEA) wants ALL courses in ALL grades from Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade to include content about homosexuals, bisexuals, and "transgender individuals."  How will the teachers work this into, for instance, a math class? "Students, please subtract one homosexual from one bisexual." Geography: "What is the top tourist location for lesbians?" History: "Name a prominent bisexual Patriot from the Revolutionary War." Social studies: "Should transgender students use the boys’ restroom or the girls’ restroom?" (By the way, there was a recent lawsuit in which a male student sued for the right to use the girls’ restroom at his high school because he "feels" he is female.)

If you think this is ridiculous, go to www.family.org/cforum/tempforum/A0016214.html and read the full text of "Resolution New B", a resolution of the NEA that was to have been voted upon during their July, 2001 Convention in Los Angeles. Interestingly, I couldn’t find the wording of this controversial resolution anywhere on the NEA’s own website (www.nea.org), despite several hours of searching. Apparently they don’t want the public to know just what the NEA believes should be taught to our children. Here are a few excerpts:

"Development of curriculum and instructional materials and programs designed to meet the needs of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender students."
"Involvement of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender educators in developing educational material used in classroom instructions."
"Recognition of the importance of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender education employees as ROLE MODELS."

My search did turn up an interesting position paper named "Understanding Gay and Lesbian Students Through Diversity." You can read the full nine pages on the NEA website, but check out these quotes: "All of us act through a sexual orientation that is bisexual, heterosexual, or homosexual. These orientations are not chosen, but are discovered through normal child development." Apparently they think they are also a psychological association qualified to perpetuate the lie that homosexuality is determined by genetics, and is not a choice. "Foster the use of nondiscriminatory, nonracist, nonsexist, and nonstereotypical language, resources, practices, and activities." This sounds fairly innocent unless read in its context, which contained complaints that health, literature and other courses didn’t cater to the homosexual agenda, and that school libraries didn’t have enough books portraying deviant lifestyles in a "positive manner."

It was no coincidence that the NEA’s convention was in California, and that its planned vote on "Resolution New B" closely followed the passage of California’s Bill AB537, the so-called "anti-discrimination law" (see the accompanying guest article below). They had hoped to use the momentum gained by California passing a law modeled after this terrible Resolution to ram "Resolution New B" through to a positive floor vote at their Convention. Fortunately, public opinion intervened.

Here is how their website described their defeat. (For some reason this item was tucked away down at the bottom of their home page.) "The National Education Association dropped consideration of a resolution asking government schools across the nation to implement homosexual advocacy programs. ’This is an emotional topic for everyone and we believe a task force is the best way to first hear everyone’s voice and then develop actions that will create safer schools for children and staff,’ said Cathy Figel, who co-chairs the NEA’s Gay and Lesbian Caucus."

Here is my translation. After hearing several teachers interviewed regarding this vote, three things were clear. First, the Resolution was on the Agenda for all the delegates to vote on. Second, many delegates said they planned to vote against it. Third, demonstrations by parents and religious leaders were effective in convincing many delegates who had planned to vote for the Resolution to reconsider.

Predictably the NEA, fearful of an embarrassing negative vote on their key Resolution, denied the delegates th right to vote on it, and referred it to a "task force." I wonder how many homosexuals are on the task force? We can be sure of one thing. We haven’t heard the last of this monstrous Resolution. NEA President Bob Chase said, "Let me be clear: In no way is NEA backing away from dealing with the important issues raised by the proposed Resolution." Satan doesn’t give up that easily.


WHAT’S NEXT? As I read the following article, submitted by a subscriber, my thought was, "What’s next?" With all the special rights and privileges vocal homosexual activists have blackmailed politicians into passing, what "sexual preference" will be the next to receive special status? Will our school children soon be receiving instruction in the joys of sadism, masochism or sex with animals? How about orgies and sex with dead people, activities that some consider legitimate "sexual preferences"? Don’t say, "That’s impossible!" A few years ago it was just homosexuals who demanded the "right" to teach our children "sensitivity" to their perversion IN THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS . Now, as you will see below, the list has been expanded to include bisexuals and "transgender" individuals. Is it that much of a stretch to believe that other perverted groups such as sadists will demand the same "right"? As the author warns below, it will happen sooner than we think, unless we wake up and take action!

"A recent newsletter I received from FREEDOM VILLAGE, a home for troubled teenagers, touched a nerve, and I felt the need to share its message. California recently passed Bill AB537, the so-called "anti-discrimination law" which was "...designed to give added protection to and acceptance of homosexuals, bisexuals, and transgender students and staff in government schools." Now a "special task force" has issued recommendations for the law’s enforcement. Among the recommendations soon to be adopted by the California Department of Education are regulations that will require all public school curriculums to include alternative sexual lifestyles. Literature, math, health and social studies classes, as well as other subjects, will be tailored to portray homosexuality, bisexuality, and transgenderism in a positive light. This will be required in all grades, starting with Kindergarten!

"We need to wake up! Enough is enough! If we don’t take a stand now, it will soon be too late. We cannot lose this battle by default. Don’t think this is only happening in California. One of my friends who is a principal in Palm Beach County, Florida told me about a meeting of principals in which a homosexual lobbyist spoke eloquently on the need to revise our school curriculum to give added protection to homosexuals and show homosexuality as just another lifestyle. My friend said that the speaker was very charismatic, an excellent speaker. The Palm Beach County School Board has not adopted his recommendations yet, but if we don’t act now to stop this thing, it will soon be too late. We should be aware that the homosexual lobby is following up their victory in California by pushing their agenda throughout our land. They are taking full advantage of the momentum they have gained. WAKE UP AMERICA!

"Pastor Brothers, who wrote the newsletter from Freedom Village, made it clear that our greatest sin today is APATHY. We are a pathetic people if we don’t get involved in this battle! It has been said that the only way evil can triumph is for good people to do nothing. How true! Let’s let our politicians know where we stand. If enough people contact them by letter, phone, and email, they will listen. Pray that the good citizens of California will wake up, and throw those legislators out of office that permitted AB537 to become law. Let them send them a message that they will no longer let a minority of bigots dictate how they are going to be permitted to poison the minds of their children. Citizens of the other 49 states need to write their state legislators and members of local school boards and cry out against this evil.

"You can email FREEDOM VILLAGE at freedom@freedomvillageusa.com and ask for a copy of their newsletter. Visit them on the web at www.freedomvillageusa.com. Another organization that has been standing strong in this battle and has good resources is Focus on The Family. Visit them on the web at www.family.org. Thank you for allowing me to voice my concern. A Weeping Saint, Pastor Dick Witherow."

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Rev. Witherow is the Chaplain of a prison after-care ministry that provides a one year training program for released prisoners which has dramatically reduced the recidivism rate [the percentage who re-offend and go back to prison]. They have facilities for men and women, and can be found on the Internet at www.pactcenter.org.)


OUR EDITORS RESPOND. Most of you know that our Editorial Board reviews each issue before it is published. I am honored to have these honest and talented people critique both my work and that of our guest authors. We don’t always agree, and the final product is always my responsibility, but I often re-think articles based upon the comments of these valued advisors. I especially appreciate that they are not "yes men," that they tell me when they disagree with me. I want to share with you comments I received from two of them, and the answers I sent them.

Nancy Bustani is a Christian Counselor who deals with people who have been sexually abused. She is currently working on her PhD in counseling. Because of client confidentiality, her comments are necessarily general in nature, but I felt they would help all of us understand why some people become homosexuals. "Dear Tom, It sounds like you are attacking homosexuals. For the past couple of years I have counseled with homosexuals who are trying to understand the deep torment and spiritual conflict that they are experiencing. I have prayed that God would illuminate my mind to understand this population more clearly. I believe He has. They come to me because they feel safe. They know I won’t judge them or condemn them for their homosexuality. All of these men were victimized. They were unwilling participants in someone else’s crime." In her note she related that the homosexual lifestyle of many men started when they were raped or sexually abused as youngsters by adult homosexuals.

I wrote to her, "Nancy, I have tried to make it clear in my columns that God loves homosexuals and lesbians, but He hates their sin. I am in total agreement with God on this. My goal is not to attack homosexuals. I believe, as you do, that most are victims of a cycle of abused people who become abusers, much as children who are physically abused often become abusive parents. My goal is to open the eyes of America to the danger posed by homosexual ACTIVISTS, who are trying to use our schools as recruiting stations for their perversion. Many homosexuals are content to practice their lifestyle among themselves, but there is a strong element that feels that in order to validate their lifestyle, they must push it on the rest of us. The situation with the Boy Scouts is a prime example. In an upcoming issue I will cite just a few of the dozens of cases of predatory homosexual Scoutmasters who have used their positions to sexually abuse boys entrusted to their care. All homosexuals need love and understanding. Predatory and activist homosexuals need to be STOPPED. I hope this clarifies where my heart is. Tom"

G.D. McDuffie (affectionally known as Ira on his website, www.aroundbama.com), wrote the following, "Tom, as an alcoholic I must question this. Years ago alcoholism was said to be only a character defect, a weak will and the lack of resolve. I can certainly attest that this isn’t the case. Next the doctors said that it was a disease, which is certainly possible in light of what we now know. Now some doctors and others tell us that it is a genetic fault, which is certainly possible, as alcoholism seems to run in some families or races as with the American Indian. Yet alcoholism can be put into remission and held there for years enabling the alcoholic to lead a reasonably happy and productive life. So all I’m asking is, ’Are you sure that homosexuality doesn’t have genetic origins?’"

I wrote back, "Ira, I respect your opinion, and I appreciate your question. I can answer it with complete certainty, based on the Bible. Let me explain my position this way. In the Ten Commandments, we are told, ’Thou shalt not commit murder.’ If God were to place in men a gene that caused them to become homosexuals, he would be FORCING us to violate his Word by sinning against His direct commandment. The Word of God says that homosexual or lesbian sex is an ’abomination’ to God. In the Hebrew, the word ’abomination’ means that it makes God sick. He created men and women to relate in a beautiful, natural way, and any sex between two men or two women is a perversion of His plan. So, using the same logic, if there were a ’homosexual gene’, God would be forcing people to pervert what He has created. By the way, there is not one scrap of scientific evidence to support the THEORY that homosexuality is genetic. It is one of those lies that are repeated so often that many people start to take it as fact. A related lie (which makes it easier to believe the genetic lie) is that 10% of people are born homosexual. Every unbiased scientific study has put the percentage of homosexuals in the population at around one per cent. But the lie has been repeated so often that most Americans probably believe that 10% are homosexuals. Respectfully, Tom."


INTERNET RESOURCE: Richard Cohen is a FORMER homosexual who now works as a Christian Psychotherapist. He helps homosexuals and lesbians overcome their bondage. He has a wonderful website (www.GayToStraight.org) which offers non-judgemental help to people, regardless of religious background, who want to be free from SADD (Same Sex Attachment Disorder). Make sure you read the sample Chapter 2 of his book posted on the site at www.gaytostraight.org/html/cos-chapter2.html. In this chapter he demonstrates the faulty "science" used by homosexual advocates in their attempt to prove a genetic predisposition for homosexuality.

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