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January 18, 2010

Very seldom over the last twelve years have I used my column to recommend a book. But KINGDOM REVOLUTION is more than just a book. It could very well ignite a revolution in the church. I am proud to call its author, Bishop Joseph Mattera, my friend. He is more than a great writer; he is a visionary leader in the Body of Christ. If you read this book, you will never look at the Church and the Kingdom of God in the same way again. You will become part of the Revolution!

This is a "must read" for every involved Christian leader. Some prominent leaders are calling this the most theologically comprehensive, culturally relevant, and practical book ever written on the Kingdom of God. Rather than giving you my opinions, I'll let them give you theirs…

"Over the past few years, the body of Christ has been blessed by a number of books on different aspects of "transformation" or "dominion" or "reformation," all pointing toward seeing God's kingdom manifested here on earth.  In Kingdom Revolution, Joseph Mattera, more than any of the rest, has skillfully pulled together all the threads into the most profound textbook on kingdom theology currently available.  If you are enlisting in the army of God, you definitely need this book!"
C. Peter Wagner
Author of Dominion!

"Apostle Joseph Mattera has the unique gift and ability to take the complex and make it understandable.  New revelation will lead to an internal revolution in your soul.  The Kingdom of God, if understood correctly, will change you and your world forever.  Apostle Mattera's apostolic mantle is to reveal the Kingdom.  Are you ready for the revolution?"
Dr. Samuel R. Chand

"This work blows the fog off today's church. Bishop Mattera explains why the Christian community should stop circling the wagons and start aggressively influencing our society.  It communicates with remarkable clarity the biblical vision for today's church as part of God's greater kingdom mandate. With a firm foundation set in the Old Testament, Bishop Mattera provides leaders in the church today with a vision for a better tomorrow.  I can't wait to get this book in the hands of my leaders and the pastors in my city.  It will unite us and cause a revolution in the entire city.  Let the revolution begin with us!"
Gary Hartley
Senior Pastor, Christ Fellowship
Elizabeth, New Jersey

This book is filled with practical insight from over 30 years of ministry in New York City. Dr. Mattera has written a book for everyone in the Body of Christ. Pastors can use it as a how-to manual for community transformation; marketplace leaders will be motivated to take their rightful place in the Kingdom of God, and committed Christians searching for their purpose in life will be greatly motivated by the clear exposition of Scripture and the stories taken from the real life experiences of Dr. Mattera.

This book has already received the endorsement and acclaim of a multi-denominational group of nationally known Christian leaders. Here's what some of them had to say…

"Joseph Mattera's new book is full of practical and compelling insights on the Kingdom of God. I expect that it will dramatically expand the horizons of those who read it. Christian leaders who are hungry for more will find Kingdom Revolution to be a feast of great ideas."
Archbishop Gregory Venables
Iglesia Anglicana del Cono Sur

"Bishop Joseph Mattera's book captures the essence of the culture clash in American society. As America breaks from its Puritan roots, a sense of meaninglessness and apathy is the natural result.  Bishop Mattera explains not only the roots of the cultural decline, but also the biblical answers to restore our culture.  Christians are called to be the salt and the light of the world through living Christ-centered lives.  I highly recommend this book to anyone desiring to be part of the solution instead of part of the problem."
Orrin Woodward
New York Times Best Selling Co-Author of Launching a Leadership Revolution

"Joseph Mattera has written a tour de force!  He reveals that the great commission is the great cultural commission and the challenges Christians have walking the tight rope of being in the world, but not of the world.  This book is a must read for all who believe thy kingdom shall come!"
Dr. John P. Kelly
CEO, ICWBF (International Christian WealthBuilders Foundation)
Founder/President, LEAD (Leadership Education for Apostolic Development)
Founder/Ambassador, ICA (International Coalition of Apostles)

"Dr. Mattera will teach and equip you in this significant book to understand covenant, develop a Kingdom mindset and move from a paradigm of poverty into prosperity through impacting your culture and changing your world. Read this book and then step into a Christian perspective that will empower you to turn your world upside down!"
Dr. Larry Keefauver
Senior Editor and Advisor for Ministry Today Magazine

"Churches and families across the nation are drastically losing the hearts of young people. Now, more than ever before, we are in need of a revolution. Joseph Mattera speaks directly and passionately on how we can all regain the Kingdom principles to transform lives outside of the church walls and bring Christ's life-giving message to the world."
Ron Luce
President and Founder of Teen Mania Ministries

"In this book, we are confronted with the "next level" of Christianity:  will we "hold on" or "take over"?  While most of us concede that we will never become the Kingdom of God without Jesus' presence here, we cannot use that as an excuse to remove ourselves from the marketplace of ideas and impact.  Paul stood at Athens and confronted the most powerful and intellectual worldview of the early world.
     I have personal respect for Joseph Mattera and his precious family.  They have been solid and faithful to the body of Christ in the Northeast for many years.  They are accountable to authority and highly respected for commitment to the local church as pastors.  They are disciplers and missionaries to a culture far removed from many parts of America.
     You are going to have to "digest" this one!  It is packed full of fundamental, yet relevant, information on a Christian worldview.  Bon appetit!"
Pastor Larry Stockstill

"Dr. Joseph Mattera is an exceptional leader who blends his brilliant world view with a passion to impact all types of people.  Joe has had an incredible impact on people all over the world and has an important message for leaders of all generations and in all places. This is an important book for leaders everywhere.  His twenty five years as a friend and colleague in New York City has been a great personal gift to me."
Dr. Mac Pier
President of The NYC Leadership Center

"Bishop Mattera chronicles his rediscovery of the godly calling to transform culture and society as well as one's personal life. He calls upon each person to become responsible representatives for God in the cultural and civic arenas, and he provides a clear and practical theological foundation. This is the Bishop's best book so far!"
Tony Carnes
President of the Values Research Institute

"Dr. Joseph Mattera delivers a digestible relevant dose of apologetics in the vein of C. S Lewis and G. K Chesterton.  He challenges us to get 'outside the walls of church' -that it is the responsibility for Christians to redeem not only the church but ALL facets of society - 'to steward the earth as salt and light'.  Making the case for a holistic life and healed world, Joseph expounds that there is no 'sacred vs. spiritual' - in the richness of pre-enlightenment teaching -  it's all God!  He then ties apologetics to  the importance for us to understand multiple world views in order to teach AND LIVE a personal and societal awakening of the truth, beauty and hope for the world -  now and for eternity - which only a faith in Jesus Christ can deliver.  Francis Schaeffer is clapping his hands for this new work by Dr. Mattera."
Linda Lindquist-Bishop
President of Courageous Thinking

"Kudos to Bishop Mattera for this presentation of a clear, cohesive, and pragmatic theology of the Kingdom.  Kingdom Revolution is a much needed primer to restore God-centric foundations of cosmological significance.  It can, if acted upon, assist any local church or any believer in personal advancement of their expression of the Gospel of Christ in all of life.  Application of these powerful and pragmatic truths will deliver believers from slumber and awaken the overlooked truth of John 3:16, "God so loved the kosmos…."
Walt Healy
Senior Pastor of Grace and Peace Church, Toms River, New Jersey

"Much of today's church is marginalized when it comes to affecting the world's culture, increasingly powerless in light of society's values and priorities.  We need a cutting-edge prophetic voice to awaken a vibrant counterculture through the church.  Joe Mattera is that voice.  The world's system will only be challenged by a more powerful culture – that is the dynamic, all-encompassing Kingdom of God.  Joe has thoroughly researched the Kingdom, preached it and practiced it.  This book will empower you to be one of those voices.  And the kairos moment is now – we cannot afford to wait."
Bob Phillips
Apostolic Leader of In His Presence Network and Pastor of Encourager Church, Houston, Texas

"In Kingdom Revolution Joseph Mattera offers absolutely revolutionary and incendiary principles with balance and clarity. This is a magnificent book for Christian leaders to get 'unstuck' and moving in the Theology of the Kingdom."
Bishop Bill Atwood
Anglican Church of Kenya and General Secretary of Ekklesia

"Firmly rooted in the rich Christian tradition of Vatican II, Dr. Martin Luther King, Bishop Tutu, and countless local pastors ministering in our own neighborhoods, Bishop Mattera challenges all Christians to engage the modern world with passion, intelligence, and faith."
Kevin McCormack
Catholic Deacon and co-host of WABC's radio show Religion on the Line

"In 1 Chronicles 12:32 the sons of Issachar had "understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do." Pastor Joe Mattera is a contemporary "son of Issachar" and a respected leader in the New York City region. He understands the times we live in and through this book will help Christians and churches become more relevant and influential in our world today. "
Ron Lewis
Senior Pastor, MSNY, New York, and Founder, Stop Child Trafficking Now (SCTNow.org)

You can order Kingdom Revolution at Amazon.com, or buy 25 or more copies at a discount, by sending an email to info@josephmattera.org.

If this sounds like an advertisement, I guess it is, but not in the normal sense. If 100,000 people buy the book, I get just one thing: the satisfaction of knowing that I used my platform to let my friends know about an amazing book that can change their lives and ministries. So this is really what I called it at the beginning – a recommendation. And I recommend that you pay attention to it!

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