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Obama Panders to Muslims, Minimizes American Military Efforts

June 29, 2009

There is so much to talk about President Obama and what he is doing to the country someone like me who wants to get "the word out" would have to write an article every hour to address all of Obama's statements, actions and America-destroying proposals. It was said, erroneously, that Rush Limbaugh would have a tough time after Bill Clinton left office but that was not true and there was plenty to highlight during the George W. Bush administration. Now with Obama doing or saying something anti-American in his effort to "change" the country so often, there is so much to report for all to become aware of that the shear volume of such things becomes the problem.

Since it is the most recent manifestation of the Obama willingness to belittle America, let's take a look at his pandering speech in Cairo.

The only improvement in Obama's behavior during this trip to the Arab world was he didn't bow to the Saudi King; in fact, although Obama's supporters strenuously tried to explain Obama didn't bow last time despite video to the contrary - he just bent over because the King is shorter than him - this time he didn't bend even when presented with an expensive gold necklace (wonder where that will end up).

The presidential campaign last year was full of cries of "racism" whenever anyone used Barack Obama's middle name "Hussein." Even the pitiful challenger, Senator McCain, criticized anyone on his staff if they dared use Obama's full name. So what happened - Obama himself used his Muslim name when he was sworn in as president. This presaged Obama's speech in Cairo where he glorified his Muslim roots and let the Muslim audience believe here was a new U.S. president that understood them and didn't mind that they wanted to take over the world and develop nuclear capability.

Obama said it was all right if Iran wanted to develop nuclear energy for power plants as long as they said they were not going to build atomic bombs in the process. Obama tried to minimize the danger of this permission by quoting Ronald Reagan's "trust but verify." The unresolved question is what happens if Iran breaks their promise after being allowed unfettered nuclear development programs and actually makes atomic bombs in secret. Remember, Muslims are allowed under the Koran to make false promises if it suits them. Will the next Obama apology be to Israel for the destruction of their country?

By the way; there are two things of note in this - first, why does Iran need nuclear energy for power production when it sits on huge oil reserves and is not restrained by environmentalist whackos, and how come nuclear power is all right for Iran but not for the United States?

As part of the Obama Muslim buttering-up, he said that "One of the points I want to make is, is that if you actually took the number of Muslim Americans we'd be one of the largest Muslim countries in the world." Really, do the 2.3 million or so Muslims in the U.S. (according to the Pew Research Center) make us "one of the largest Muslim countries in the world"?

Obama went so far as to tell Muslims "It is part of my responsibility as president of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear." Now isn't that special - I didn't see that in the Constitution where it describes the job of president and where was that exactly in the oath of office he took? I also don't remember Obama saying to a Jewish audience or the Christian audience at Notre Dame that it was his responsibility to fight for them.

There were many unfortunate things Obama said before his world-wide Muslim audience that are despicable but none more so than his remarks denigrating the performance of our brave military in the war on terrorism; which can be better described as a war of defense against Muslims and Islam.

Barack Hussein Obama did not take the opportunity to tell about the hard work and sacrifice of our troops in the Middle East to bring freedom to Muslims and appeared ashamed of the efforts and sacrifices made by our military in the war on terror despite the importance and success of our military's efforts to keep America safe in the process of saving Muslims. While our troops are putting their lives on the line daily in order to protect us from terrorism and the ideology of Jihadism, their Commander in Chief refuses to use either term, 'terrorism' or 'jihad,' in his entire speech addressing the issues facing the U.S. relationship with the Muslim world even though it is evident that Jihadists want to kill us.

Obama fell all over himself to impress the Muslim audience that the US has a new leader in charge. It was disappointing to say the least to see Obama minimize the significance of American troops in preserving American national security. Freedom does not come from his rhetoric, but from the blood and sweat of our heroic military men and women.

Obama could also have reminded the Muslim audience that America saved them in many places like Kosovo, victims of the Tsunami in Indonesia, torture chambers in Iraq, Saddam's invasion of Kuwait, female victims of the Taliban in Afghanistan, aid to Muslims in Africa being killed, starved and raped by other Muslims, billions to help Muslim AIDS victims in Africa - but Obama did none of that.

I ask all of you who read this, if the president won't support our military, doesn't that mean we must do what he will not? It seems to me any of our soldiers on the front line in the war to defend America against Islam's destructive forces deserve our fullest support. I believe that our troops do not hear that they are supported enough. They get discouraged when they see the far left politicians who are in power continuously call into question the legitimacy of their missions and suggest their work may be pointless or misguided. President Obama says that we responded to 9/11 in ways that were "contrary to our ideals" and that we were driven by "fear and anger" but we know that the duty of our troops has been selfless and valiant, their task vital, and their conduct honorable.

Many people are far too comfortable taking our troops for granted and focusing only on where some individual goes wrong. Our media is complicit in encouraging the practice. Most Americans, especially those who have observed the work and the character of our military men and women, understand the overwhelming reality: our troops carry out our nation's most important work, they do it under terrible conditions, and they ask for little in return. But they deserve all the thanks we can give them.

Let's turn out July 4th in TEA parties around the country to show our patriotic feelings for America and to praise our brave men and women in the military.

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