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Obama Needs Drugs

March 16, 2009

For years school systems have engaged in systematic child abuse by forcing young children to take Ritalin. School social workers, nurses and teachers "diagnose" ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and then intimidate parents into putting their children on the drug. Parents are often told that if they refuse they will be reported to Child Protective Services for "neglecting their children's educational and emotional needs," with the very real possibility that the child might be taken from them. Parents are usually not told that the disease is frequently misdiagnosed; that there are serious questions in the scientific community about the usefulness of Ritalin in treating ADHD; or that thousands of children have died as a result of taking Ritalin over long periods of time (usually of heart disease induced by the drug).

Because the NEA (National Education Association, the national teacher's union) and most  school systems have jumped on the Ritalin bandwagon, it has become a huge cash cow for the drug's maker. As a result, huge stockpiles of the drug have been produced based on projected demand. So, even if the schools came to their senses, what could be done with all these drugs? I may have an answer.

The usual excuse given for forcing children as young as four to take Ritalin is that they have trouble staying focused; they are very active; they can't sit still; and that they have a hard time keeping their hands to themselves. In other words, they act just like the Lord designed kids to act.

I don't deny that there are some kids who are hyperactive. I have counseled some of them. I remember in particular one little girl whose parents brought her to our church for counseling because she did cartwheels in her kindergarten class, wouldn't pay attention to the teacher, and picked fights with boys bigger than she was. In her case once we dealt with some family issues, she settled down and became a great student. Her teacher had wanted to put her on Ritalin.

I am not an expert on this subject, but many doctors who are (see LINK below) say that most cases of ADHD are misdiagnosed, and that the small number of kids who need help in this area usually don't need drugs. They say that counseling, better teaching techniques, and (in extreme cases) drugs far less dangerous than Ritalin are the answer.

Which brings us back to the problem I mentioned earlier. If we stop turning our kids into drug users, what will we do with all the Ritalin?

I say we give it to Obama. He has all the classic signs of ADHD. He can't stay focused on anything. He's hyperactive. He can't stay on one subject for more than a day. And he definitely can't keep his hands to himself. And his staff shares his problems. The White House is crawling with ADHD!!

Let's focus just on Obama, and examine his symptoms. The nation is in the midst of a major financial crisis, which he has acknowledged. The problem stems from policies instituted by his party 31 years ago which have resulted in a wave of foreclosures and hundreds of thousands of lost jobs. So you would think he would focus on fixing the credit problems and job creation. But he can't seem to stay focused. In fact, during his first eight weeks in office he has constantly jumped from one priority to the next, while ignoring the major problems. Sure sounds like ADHD to me.

He told us he would focus on dealing with the so-called "toxic assets" held by financial institutions. Instead he has forced healthy institutions to take bailout money when they didn't want it and didn't need it. The president of Wells Fargo said that he when he tried to refuse the money he was told to take it and buy up smaller banks with it! That obviously won't help the credit crunch, so why is Obama pushing it? Simply because if a few big banks absorb all the smaller ones, it will be easier for him to nationalize the banking system.

Ninety-five per cent of new jobs are created by small businesses. Helping them would be the single best way to stimulate job creation. And the best way to help them would be to reduce the unconscionable federal tax burden. In all of his trillions and trillions of dollars of proposals he has not thrown a crumb to small business. In fact, he has said that he will increase their tax burden, making it difficult for them to just survive, much less create jobs. (Obama has been hearing Republicans complain about him ignoring small business, so in the last few days he has come up with some half-hearted proposals. But they're all bureaucratic in nature, and will result in more government control over businesses.)

What has he been doing while he ignored the two real problems? He has been exhibiting yet another symptom of ADHD - jumping from one thing to the next, never staying in one place. Over the last eight weeks we have seen him engineer more spending than any prior president has spent in his entire time in office. And almost all of it has been on a far-left political agenda that has nothing to do with stimulating the economy. In truth, many of his proposals will severely damage the economy for generations to come.

One day he is all about forcing the US into his utopian dream of a "green" economy. The next day his focus is on socialized European-style health care. Then he jumps to pushing International Women's Day. Next it's more efficient ways to kill babies in the womb. Then it's education, Soviet Union style. And whenever he's not busy spending our tax dollars on some crazy liberal scheme, he concentrates on re-distributing our wealth to his buddies.

When I was a kid the teachers would smack our hands with a ruler whenever we found it difficult to keep them to ourselves. Someone needs to find a really big ruler for the guy who thinks he's our ruler. (That's a pun - get it?) Probably the strongest evidence that Obama has ADHD is that he can't keep his hands out of our pockets. A few recent examples:

  1. Continuing his anti-Christian crusade, Obama has proposed reducing charitable deductions, which will make it impossible for some churches and other organizations to continue their work with the homeless and needy. This is particularly unfortunate, because churches have been proven to be far more efficient than government in this kind of work.
  2. His plan to reduce mortgage interest deductions will cause a further depression of housing prices, which have already dropped close to 50% in some parts of the nation. 
  3. Obama is determined to further weaken the stock market by elimination or reducing favorable capital gains tax rates. Just his talk of doing this has caused the market to drop; if he succeeds, it will be devastating to investors, and thus to the market.
  4. The latest tally of the Obama spending spree puts its cost at $16,000 for every working American.

Of course, all of this talk about giving Obama Ritalin has been tongue-in-cheek. Just as it is ridiculous to give five-year-olds Ritalin for being kids, it would be wrong to give Obama the drug for just acting like a kid.

We shouldn't really expect too much from him. We knew before he was elected that he had no executive experience, and that his only experience in national government was as a senator/candidate. (He spent less time doing the job he was sent by Illinois to do than any Senator in US history.) So we shouldn't expect him to act like a grown-up president.

I'd like to mention two other child-like traits of Obama's that are not ADHD-related: greed and lying. I love kids like crazy, but I realize that children have to be taught that the world does not revolve around them, and that lying is a bad thing. Children are naturally self-centered prevaricators.

We just got the report on how Obama spent $5 Million of our money given to him after the election for transition costs. He spent $126,000 of our money on a lavish Hawaiian vacation for his family. Just like any kid with poor impulse control might do.

I don't like him spending our money for his personal use. But what really gets me is his constant lying. Here are the three most glaring lies he told us during his campaign:

  1. "Mine will be the most transparent government this country has ever seen." He was very specific in his promise that he would not sign any bill until it had been posted on the Internet for at least five days so that America could examine it. He just signed a huge budget that doubles our deficit; but no one was allowed to see it. He did the same with the stimulus bill, even though Democrats and Republicans in the House voted that it must be posted on the Internet for 48 hours.
  2. He promised all through his campaign that special interests would no longer rule Washington, and that he would do away with earmarks (pork that Senators and Representatives put into bills that have nothing to do with the bill, and everything to do with personal power for the porker). Once again this week he railed against earmarks; but that same day he signed into law a budget with 8,500 earmarks! He also failed to disclose that he had personally sponsored much of the pork, and that he had ordered that his name be removed from those bills, and another senators name replace his.
  3. "There is no disagreement that we need action by our government, a recovery plan that will help to jumpstart the economy." He has stated this time and again throughout the process of throwing trillions of dollars into bottomless pits. (We have bailed out AIG three times, but it is currently worth one-eighth of the money we gave the company.) Yet on March 4, 2009, 350 of the nation's leading economists, including two Nobel Laureates in Economics, have publicly stated their opposition to his plans. (See LINK Below.) They stated, "It is a triumph of hope over experience to believe that more government spending will help the U.S. economy. Lower tax rates and a reduction in the burden of government are the best ways of using fiscal policy to boost growth." Yet Obama continues to lie and say that all economists agree with his plans, and that there is no disagreement concerning the stimulus.

A January 8, 2009 New York Times article quotes a study in which Economic Historian Robert Whaples revealed that half of U.S. economists believe the New Deal - which some see as the model for extricating America from the current recession - actually PROLONGED the Great Depression. (See LINKS below.) And the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office, noting that the recession will be over long before the majority of the "stimulus" money is spent, has stated that the economy would recover more quickly if we do NOTHING. And the CBO echoes the economists mentioned above when it says that the stimulus may PROLONG this recession.

Last week I talked about how Obama talked the stock market down. One reader wrote in to call me a "complete moron" for believing that any one man had that much influence over the stock market. (He was probably feeling guilty for being stupid enough to vote for Obama, so I forgave him.) My guess is that he is feeling like a "complete moron" after the stock market rose more than 11% this week after Obama heeded the advice in my article.

I will acknowledge that it is possible that he might have heard the same advice from other conservative sources. The fact is that Obama completely reversed himself this week. Up until this week he used the words "crisis," "catastrophe" and depression in every sentence when he spoke about the economy. And the stock market dropped and dropped, and the economy worsened as Americans lost even more confidence.

But this week Christina Romer, Chairman of Obama's Council of Economic Advisors, stated in an interview, "The fundamentals of our economy are strong." WAIT A MINUTE!  Aren't those the exact words that John McCain used a few months ago? Remember how Obama ridiculed him mercilessly for using those words, saying he was "out of touch"? Well, who's out of touch now, Obama? Or are you just schizophrenic?

By the way, while Romer was a professor at Berkeley she published a study of past recessions. In it she concluded that government intervention has little or no effect on recessions. It would seem that Obama doesn't listen to his "advisors." Instead, he tells them what they believe. In this case, since it was politically expedient for him to become positive on the economy after a year of crushing it with his oratory, he told Romer that she now believes that the economy is strong.

Some people incorrectly state that Obama is two-faced. Actually, you can't count his faces.

PUBLISHER'S NOTE: I am not one of those people who constantly asks folks to forward materials. Perhaps once every year or two I might encourage readers to forward a link to something I consider very important. This is one of those times. I feel that last week's article is vitally important - particularly with the chart that clearly shows the negative effect Obama has had on the stock market in the last year. Since almost all the money in retirement plans is invested in the stock market, and those plans dropped 40% last year, Americans have the right to know how their president has deliberately hurt the market. Please send this link to everyone on your list who cares about America: http://conservativetruth.org/article.php?id=1013 . Print it and mail it to people who don't have email addresses. We need to do everything possible to make sure this terrible man is evicted from the nation's house four years from now.


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