New Feature-Obama Watch

January 5, 2009

As the most liberal Senator and first African-American prepares to ascend to the presidency on January 20th, we believe that we are about to witness many events previously unimagined in America. Some of these events have already begun to unfold in the ongoing economic crisis.

With all of the "change" that the Obama presidency promises to offer, it's incumbent upon conservatives to keep a close watch on what transpires, separate from the fawning and adoring drive-by media's predictably biased coverage. It will be all too easy for Obama and his cohorts in Congress and the media to keep blaming the "failed economic (and other) policies of the Bush Administration" for continuing and possibly worsening problems over the next few months and even years. We need to remain vigilant in pointing out the truth, as best as we can find it, in these darkening and deceptive times.

As such, the Obama Watch will have its primary focus on actions that:

   1. Adversely affect freedom and liberty for ordinary Americans.
   2. Impinge on our national sovereignty.
   3. Promote anti-Christian causes.

We will leave prophecies regarding current events to others. However, to the extent that Obama's policies further the "secular-progressive" positions now so prevalent in America, there is certainly room for valid argument that his administration may be helping to pave the way for America's role in a "new world order" that leads to the rise of an eventual one-world government. Taken to its biblical conclusion, the creation of a one-world government will be a foreshadowing of the rise of the antichrist as its eventual leader. But we need to remember that Jesus told His disciples two critical things about the end times: (1) only the Father knows the timing of world-ending events including Jesus' coming again, and (2) notwithstanding our inability to pin down a time, they (and by extension us) need to look for signs of His coming. Many of those signs involve falseness and deception (false messiahs, etc.) of which we must be continuously aware to keep our faith strong.

The Obama Watch will enable readers to stay abreast of events that could prove significant in our nation's ongoing history. That is our goal; your suggestions for improvement are always welcome.

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