California Approves Same-Sex Marriage

September 24, 2007

The California Assembly recently passed AB 43-legislation that would give same-sex couples the ability to marry. The Assembly passed the legislation with a 42-34 vote. The Senate passed it, 22-15, on September 7.

Such a law affects people all over the USA, because what happens in California does not always stay in California.

The bill now goes to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger for his signature or veto. He has given ambiguous signals about his support for the latest proposal, but earlier vetoed a similar proposal. The Governor has expressed an opinion that legally, the term "marriage" can be terminated, because registered "domestic partners" already have all of the same legal rights, benefits, duties and obligations as married couples.

Domestic Union or Partners, which California and many other states now enjoy, serve the needs of the rights demanded by many-not just by gays, but also by older men and women who want to live together but do not want to lose their personal financial rights from previous marriages. Many churches even offer a blessed covenant service for these older people facing such a problem of maintaining their rights. Thus, this is not a gay issue; it is a political agenda of the Left. Having been raised in the theater, I have worked with many gay friends, both men and women. Many of them are also members of the Log Cabin Republicans and do not always agree with the views of the Stonewall Democrats. Both of these groups represent different political stances in the gay communities

Marriage was designed not for the civil rights of the adults, but was designed for the rights of potential children produced by the union of a man and a woman. These children need to have a chance of having a family life with a common name that would help establish a family tree for the past, present and future for them and their descendants!

Thus, "Marriage" should be reserved for a union between a man and a woman who have the God-given ability to create children who can have a family life and know those who are related by blood, genes and common parents. This part of the intelligent design devised by our creator should not be converted into a mere civil rights program redesigned from our creator's design by a small political agenda. People denied marriage can have all the rights in a "Domestic Union," without having to have an official marriage.

Finally, once a law is created allowing anyone to have a marriage, then the anti-discrimination laws must allow all people to be married-brothers, sisters, cousins, men and young boys. NAMBLA has been fighting for this for years. There can be no stopping of the floodgates as seen by past anti-discrimination laws.

If this were to happen or "marriage" was terminated as suggested by the Governor, it can threaten family life for millions of present and future families, including future health research that can prevent death and illness passed on or inherited by corrupted genes, since many times, children and their future offspring will not be able to trace their true biological parents or ancestors.

Protect "Marriage", as we know it, not for our sake, but for the sake of future children and grandchildren who need blood families to be able to achieve the best of future health possible-emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Californians need to write or call Governor Schwarzenegger.

Copyright ©2007 Lee Ellis