Obama Nation Would be O-bominable

August 25, 2008

By Phil Perkins

You don't have to read very far in Jerome Corsi's new and well-researched book, Obama Nation, to get a breath-taking glimpse of Obama's ability to play fast and loose with the truth, whether discussing himself, his father or any number of events in his fact-challenged autobiography. If Obama's book Dreams of My Father is any indication of his ability to pass off outright fantasies as fact, then we are witnessing a candidate who makes Bill and Hillary Clinton look almost honest. That's scary, folks.

Rather than go into the book's details and spoil it for those who wish to read it, I'll just draw a few parallels from it. While it may be unfair to attribute the sins of the father to the son, there are some qualities, both good and bad, that tend to be passed from one generation to the next. In this case, Obama's father apparently had the same sense of self-importance and entitlement as his son. Unfortunately, Obama Senior was unable to channel his drive and ambition as successfully as Obama Junior, due largely to his love affair with alcohol which ultimately killed him.

Obama Senior also seemed to have no sense of shame or restraint regarding the impact his actions had on those around him. Like Obama Junior throwing Reverend Wright under the bus after a 20-year association, Obama Senior married other women and yet expected his first wife back in Kenya to take him back and bear his children whenever he felt the urge.

The common thread in this is the mindset that Obama, like his father, believes that the rules most people live by do not apply to him, especially when it comes to accountability for his actions. That is why he can associate with the likes of Wright, Rezko and Ayers and not believe that anything should be held against him for these dubious associations. Clearly he must have felt this way, since, much like the Clintons, his adult life has been defined by political ambition. If he did not brazenly believe that his associations shouldn't matter, or that he had the ability to downplay their negatives, then he would have been a lot more careful about selecting his friends.

We already saw what it was like to have a self-aggrandizing narcissist occupy the White House for eight long years. We surely don't need to have another one in these critical times.

And to top it off, Obama has selected Senate Plagiarist-in-Chief Joseph Biden as his running mate. So the Democrats now have two arrogant, truth-challenged candidates at the top of their ticket. Nicely done, Democrats.

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