James Madison - Brilliant

April 9, 2018

This is one of the most profound statements ever made by any of our Founding Fathers. 

Our nation has always strongly supported property rights. (Unfortunately, those are being eroded by government land grabs through eminent domain.) But land rights and rights to other personal property pale in comparison to our rights of conscience.

We recently went through eight years of attacks on our rights of conscience and freedom of religion by Barrack Obama - arguably the most anti-Christian president to ever occupy the White House. Ironically, he called himself a Christian. He never made that claim until he decided to get involved in politics, and when he started attending "church" it was the anti-semitic hate cult presided over by "Rev." Jeremiah Wright. 

Wright often invited Nation of Islam hatemonger Louis Farrakhan to speak from his pulpit. He also famously screamed, "It's not God Bless America. No, no, no no! It's God D**N America." He preached that America DESERVED to be attacked on 911. And although Obama attended the "church" for 20 years, he claimed he never heard all the hate Wright spewed, or the pro-Islam, anti-Jewish garbage that passed for preaching. 

Obama's hatred for the Christian religion manifested itself in many ways. Schools that had rented to churches for decades suddenly were not allowed to do so (although they continued to rent to witches and Muslims). Nuns and Christian private businesses were sued and fined because they refused to pay for abortions. Bakers, florists, and others were forced out of business because they refused to participate in homosexual marriages. Preachers were threatened with jail if they refused to perform such blasphemies.

"Well, we have Trump now," you may say. "We can relax now because he is pro-faith." Trump is pro-faith, but we can't relax. I Peter 5:8 warns us, "Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour."

Trump has appointed more born-again Christians to his cabinet than any president in modern history. But Obama left thousands of devils in positions of power throughout all levels of the federal government. From federal judges to bureaucrats hidden in every department of government, they daily do the work of Satan. "Oh, Tom, you're just being dramatic." Really? Check back with me when some government official violates your rights of conscience. 

Recently the Lesbian Mayor of Houston ordered preachers in that city to submit their sermons to her before they preached them. A few years ago a pastor in Canada was arrested because he preached that homosexuality is a sin. I could go on, but you get the picture.

Do what Peter said. Be watchful and vigilant. Stand up against violations of your religious freedoms, even in minor ways. Little tyrants tend to become big tyrants - just as a small snowball rolling down a mountain can grow into an avalanche.

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