Sitting is the New Smoking

New Research: Inactivity Now Kills More People than Smoking

February 19, 2018

Recently I attended a meeting about a breakthrough home medical device, and the speaker made the statement, "Sitting is the new smoking." I was struck by the power of that statement.

I looked up the phrase and found a well-researched article on Forbes that proved this was true. More Americans die every year from the effects of a sedentary lifestyle than die of smoking-related lung cancer and emphysema.

Over the last few decades, most Americans have gotten the message: Smoking Kills. Fewer people are smoking, and the family and friends of those who still do beg them to stop.

I wonder how many people realize how dangerous it is to sit all day? One expert stated that "Sitting is the most under-rated health threat of modern time." How many friends and family members beg sedentary people to get up and move, to walk, to exercise? Doing so could save or lengthen their lives.

We sit while we eat breakfast, sit in a car on the way to work, sit all day at the office, sit in the car again - and then we cap off the day by sitting in front of the TV. No wonder America is so sick. We spend more than any of the 17 wealthiest nations on health care, but we are at the bottom of the list of 17 in our general health.

God designed us to be active. It's impossible to live a healthy life without physical activity. Please start moving! If you have physical limitations that keep you from walking, get in touch with me through www.DrTom.TV and I will show you how you can increase your blood circulation and increase the oxygen in your body - both of which have major impacts on your overall health and help prevent disease.

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