States Do Have the Right to Refuse Refugees

December 7, 2015

Obama is saying the States cannot refuse to accept Syrian Refugees. But that is patently false. The States do have the right to refuse resettlement of any refugees or immigrants within their borders. 
States of the United States of America are sovereign "over" the federal government... something many people have forgotten or do not understand. The States created the USA not the other way around. And they have the right to tell the feds to take a hike where appropriate! 
The only place the supremacy clause is in effect is in matters of interstate commerce. Other than that, the States are independent to do what they choose. And if they don't want foreign refugees coming in, they can legally ban them. 
The federal goverment cannot override that right. It is high time for the governors of the 50 States to start standing up for and restoring States' Rights!

Submitted by a Concerned American Citizen