We’re Doing Grandkids a Big Disservice...

March 30, 2015

So, what did you do when you learned that your neighbors had taken their grandkids’ credit cards, were running up huge bills to keep up current lifestyle, and leaving them with the bill? Confront them? Call the child welfare authorities?

It’s called the national debt – something that has to be repaid out of future income, foisted on to someone else, or reneged on. In Washington they call it entitlements, investments or somesuch. They never call it what it is – debt passed on in your behalf to your grandkids. That’s because Washington is run for the most part by people in the political class, many who never had a job in the real economy.

Not having experience in a job or business where they had to make ends meet, they get where they are by promising us lots of good stuff in return for our vote. And they pay for it with debt – now totaling $18 trillion and counting. $5 trillion more in the last six years. The game is to promise things to today’s voters and leave paying for it to those too young to vote or even know they are getting stuck with the bill. When our neighbors vote for such politicians they are, in effect, telling them to continue the game.

Again, the question. What did you do when you learned your neighbors had taken their grandkids’ credit cards