Why so long for ‘Marathon’ trial?

March 23, 2015

It is almost two years since two domestic terrorists planned and carried out an attack on the United States at the Boston Marathon. In the attack, three people were killed and many more were seriously injured. The innocent survivors of the attack have endured life altering injuries.

There is no doubt about the identities of the attackers and the detailed execution of their plan to murder and injure people at the Boston Marathon. I believe a trial is in order, but two years to start the trial is excessive, not to mention the years of appeals that will probably follow.

I have two questions to ponder. Why would it take two or more years to determine the fate of the surviving terrorist? What is the excessive cost to the taxpayers for the trial and future confinement? Could some of this money been better used to feed our hungry or perhaps provide better care for our underserved veterans?