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Let’s elect a CONSERVATIVE President!

March 9, 2015

We conservatives in our individual states across America have made great progress and continue to make great progress as evidenced by our victories

While we will all have very strong feelings about the presidential candidate we prefer, and we will all have even stronger feelings about the principles that person adheres to, in the event he or she does not prevail we MUST support the conservative candidate still in the race whose principles MOST CLOSELY resembles our own.

The Democrats and the media (am I being redundant?) continually emphasize differences among conservative candidates to create a circular firing squad among them. Their interest is that after all the conservatives are eliminated but one, voters will choose the single moderate candidate in the race who has been beaten up less than his conservative opponent who in turn has been beaten up by his many fellow conservatives.

Liberals prefer to face a moderate candidate.  They did that twice in the last two presidential elections and won each time. With a moderate opponent voters are left with the choice of one liberal Democrat nominee and one moderate Republican nominee.  Liberals know too well that voters who want a liberal president want the real thing—not a Democrat lite.  So they vote for their own Democrat liberal and win. And we lose America.

As the campaign plays out, let us all work as hard for our conservative second, third and even forth choice as we do for our first.  Because given the direction this country is going, only a tough, principled CONSERVATIVE will be able to turn it around.

We may not have a second chance.

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Vern Wuensche hails from the tiny farming community of McDade in central Texas. With a broad background in residential construction, he authored a book Overcoming Legal Abuse as an American Entrepreneur where, through his thirty-two years of experience with our nation’s legal system as a residential building entrepreneur, he illuminated its flaws while providing a large number of creative solutions to fix it. As a child, he hung bell-shaped door hangers on doors in McDade, Texas for Eisenhower in 1956. As an active political figure in Texas continuously since 1972 he has worked on campaigns of every type. He has attended every Republican convention except one, usually as a state delegate. With this broad and varied experience he has obtained an in depth understanding of the political process, and has been a life-long student of the presidency, with a particular focus on presidential campaigns. As an early marathoner, he ran the distance of Galveston island in the early 1970’s, and has continued this distance running regularly all his life. He is also a Christian who is serious about his faith.  He has regularly attended Missouri Synod Lutheran churches all his life. Please read more interesting facts about Vern on his website! http://voteforvern.com/
Visit Vern Wuensche's website at www.RepublicanChoice50.com


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