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Eliminating ISIS in a Safer More Effective Way

January 5, 2015

Symmetrical warfare using our massed forces to defeat our enemy’s massed forces has been the hallmark of America’s military since our country’s founding.

However, beginning with the Vietnam War, our military was forced into a type of asymmetrical warfare, using our massed troops to kill enemies one by one in their dense jungles, and more recently by kicking in doors in Iraq and Afghanistan. This type of warfare places our brave soldiers in extraordinary danger while yielding only a small number of the enemy exterminated in the process.  Yes, war is hell and our soldiers know the level of danger.  Yet to preserve and protect our freedom and way of life it is not in America’s interest to expose more American soldiers to death and dismemberment than is absolutely necessary.

Since Vietnam our American military has created Special Forces such as the Green Berets, Airborne Rangers, and Navy Seals in order to have a more effective symmetrical forces one against one.  But unfortunately their numbers are not adequate to fight the multiple numbers of today’s terrorists throughout the world.

Bill O’Reilly of Fox News earlier proposed using vetted worldwide mercenary forces under the control of NATO and America to fight terrorists.  A very good idea as it reduces risks to American troops.  No less than Henry Kissinger supports this idea and had suggested it earlier.  Until that is in place, Special Forces might be necessary to provide logistical and air support for the ground forces of allies defending their countries against massed enemies.

An additional approach might be to use symmetrical warfare to exterminate terrorists one by one employing the proven free enterprise SYSTEM, prevalent since early man traded roots for berries.  One would need only to identify terrorists and place a price on their heads to begin the process. 

The SYSTEM could work like this:

Every country would IDENTIFY and provide info on as many in-country and foreign terrorists as possible. The citizens of each country would be best able to identify their own terrorists and should be rewarded financially for doing only that. 

Through cross checking and continually updating information, each identified terrorist would be VERIFIED to be such by being given a percentage of certainty. Those over a particular certainty percentage should be killed; those below should be captured and sent to Guantanamo Bay prison to be tried in a military court.

A PRICE as low as $10,000 should be placed on the head of each terrorist whether killed or captured going up to a much larger sum depending on the terrorist’s certainty percentage and level of importance.  At $10,000 each, less than a half billion dollars would be needed to kill every known ISIS terrorist today.

In any event, the rewards could and should be paid for by the Saudis and other countries throughout the world.  Rewards could be calibrated according to the individual terrorist, each country’s level of support and America’s interests.

After each terrorist is IDENTIFIED, VERIFIED and a PRICE placed on his head, his possible whereabouts and all other information on him should be published on the internet which should be continually updated. THE HUNTERS WILL NOW HAVE BECOME THE HUNTED.  All over the world.

To avoid unintended consequences and to allow for adjustments and improvements to the SYSTEM, the process could begin with a pilot project. Maybe it could begin in a specified geographical area of Syria using local individuals who are certified by our military and CIA.  Or it could begin using the Sunnis in Iraq who unlike their fellow Sunnis failed to join ISIS.  These Sunnis likely would know many of their fellow Sunnis who joined ISIS and where they are located.

After full implementation of a working SYSTEM, former military such as Navy Seals could be certified to do the same job.  As could others.  Government contractors in the Benghazi debacle did so for a salary.

The military and the CIA should provide assistance and manage the administrative process other than providing regular ground troops. Generosity and promptness in making payments should be the hallmark of the process to encourage results.

. . . we Americans will likely be exposed to terrorism for the remainder of our lives.  Our only hope of avoiding this is to employ the free enterprise system in a way where individuals all over the world hunt down terrorists for profit until every last one of these terrorists with warped religious beliefs is completely exterminated.

Copyright ©2015

Vern Wuensche hails from the tiny farming community of McDade in central Texas. With a broad background in residential construction, he authored a book Overcoming Legal Abuse as an American Entrepreneur where, through his thirty-two years of experience with our nation’s legal system as a residential building entrepreneur, he illuminated its flaws while providing a large number of creative solutions to fix it. As a child, he hung bell-shaped door hangers on doors in McDade, Texas for Eisenhower in 1956. As an active political figure in Texas continuously since 1972 he has worked on campaigns of every type. He has attended every Republican convention except one, usually as a state delegate. With this broad and varied experience he has obtained an in depth understanding of the political process, and has been a life-long student of the presidency, with a particular focus on presidential campaigns. As an early marathoner, he ran the distance of Galveston island in the early 1970’s, and has continued this distance running regularly all his life. He is also a Christian who is serious about his faith.  He has regularly attended Missouri Synod Lutheran churches all his life. Please read more interesting facts about Vern on his website! http://voteforvern.com/
Visit Vern Wuensche's website at www.RepublicanChoice50.com


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