Michael Brown Autopsy: Vindication for Ofc. Darren Wilson? -Onan Coca

October 27, 2014

In what should be a huge story across the country right now, the official autopsy conducted on Michael Brown corroborates the story that Officer Darren Wilson gave about the events in Ferguson on August 9th.

The official autopsy mostly agrees with the private autopsy that the family had done the morning after Brown’s death. Except for one important note, the original autopsy found no gun residue on Michael Brown – but the official one did discover gun residue on Brown’s fingertips, indicating that his hand was very close (or even on) the Officer’s gun when it was fired.

Not only was gun residue found on Michael Brown’s hand, his blood and skin were found on and in the officer’s vehicle! Meaning that an altercation that led to blood shed happened in the car. Also, the official autopsy found that Michael Brown COULD NOT have had his hands in the air when he was shot, as some witnesses have said. The bullet wounds could not have happened if Brown had his hands up in surrender.

The toxicology report was also released with the official autopsy, and surprise, surprise, it seems that Michael Brown was also quite high on marijuana at the time of the shooting. I wonder if impaired judgment could have led to Brown charging and attacking a police officer?

Will the autopsy be enough to convince the St. Louis community that perhaps they were wrong about Officer Darren Wilson? Perhaps they were wrong about Michael Brown? Perhaps they are still wrong about white America?

If not the autopsy – how about the grand jury? The Washington Post is reporting that more than half a dozen African-American witnesses have given testimony supporting Officer Darren Wilson’s version of events.

Racism exists and it should be fought… but we shouldn’t be inventing situations to perpetrate its existence.

Eagle Rising hopes that the community of Ferguson can move on in peace. We pray that the families and friends of Michael Brown and Darren Wilson can find peace and comfort as well.

But this story should be over now.

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