We Are Now Starting to Walk in the Reality of Obamacare

February 3, 2014

Hello Friends:

We are now starting to walk in the reality of Obamacare. The insurance companies' correspondence hides the pricing changes into places you really have to look for.
Anyway my premiums have gone up 70%. Yes, that is right. I checked it on the calculator 4 times to make sure I did not hit the wrong buttons. This is for the same coverage I had last year. I am in shock, as you can imagine, and am wondering what I can do. I think Obama has made that perfectly clear to all of us - we can do nothing because he runs it now. There isn't any competition any more.
Needless to say I am shopping around, but the best I have found so far increases my monthly by 64%.    
Well, there you have it friends: The reality of the great new vision of our illustrious leader.