Wake up, America!

October 28, 2013

Keep sitting back, America, playing games on your phone, watching reality shows on TV, and simply being involved in your own self-satisfaction things, and while you do those things, our own terrorist, part of our own government, is de­stroying the very foundation of our once great, free nation.

It is my opinion that Presi­dent Barack Obama and his cro­nies like Nancy Pelosi and Har­ry Reid and others of the far left, coupled with a select few of the Republicans in Name Only, have targeted “we, the people” and aim to change our nation to a nation controlled by them and others of their ilk.

They have no regard for your rights, only their desire to become stronger with power to dominate everything over the people.

Just keep sitting back, Amer­ica.

Soon you will reap what they sow.