Why Give Obama a Pass on his Scandal Claims?

August 12, 2013

President Barack Obama is referring to the investigation of current administration scan­dals as “phony.” Is it possible that a “phony” dimension to the scandals is from his administra­tion and not the congressional committees investigating them?

For example, was it not pho­ny for President Obama and for­mer Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, at the ceremony for the arrival of the bodies of the dead heroes of Benghazi, to refer to a video as the cause of their deaths and not a terrorist attack which they knew to be a fact days before the ceremony?

Was it not phony for the ad­ministration to blame a “couple rogue agents in the IRS in Cin­cinnati” for harassing conser­vative groups applying for tax­ exempt status when it was sub­sequently determined that the harassment originated in Wash­ington?

Was it not phony for Attor­ney General Eric Holder to claim he would never accuse re­porters of participating in spy­ing when he, several days be­fore, signed off on an order to investigate a reporter for such activity?

Is it not troubling that the media follows President Obama around the country, reporting his “phony scandal” accusation, without pointing out these in­consistencies and their conse­quences? To quote John Ad­ams’s line in the movie “1776:” “Is anybody there? Does any­body care?”

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