Farm Bill is Food Stamp Program in Disguise...

July 8, 2013

A $940 billion farm bill is working its way through Congress. Twenty percent goes to farmers and 80 percent goes into the food stamp program. There are currently 47 million, yes I said million, using this program – a nearly 70 percent increase from 2008. If I am not mistaken, that is when Sen. Obama became President Obama.

Our congressional leaders are hiding these food stamp program increases in the Farm Bill. It is also hiding the fact that we have 79 means testing programs (under the farm bill) that offer food, cash and housing benefits.

We, you and I, need to write our Congress members and senators and ask them to sepa-rate farm subsidies from the food stamp program. We think we are assisting our farmers, etc., when we are really subsidizing those who can’t or won’t find a job. Please give us less government programs and more common sense.