Same-Sex Marriage Claims are False

May 6, 2013

It is time that we speak the truth. Same-sex marriage is a sham. It is not marriage. It can never be equal to real marriage because it does not serve the same function of building stable families and only serves to un¬dermine the sacred position of the institution that civilized hu¬manity and took us from forests to free markets, from caves to cities, and from swamps to the stars. This entire movement is the 21st-century fool’s errand and anyone who supports it is blind to anything that repre¬sents reality of human history.

The family has the crux of the collective heart of human¬ity. It has been how we raise children, pass on faith, build character, learn how to treat one another, relate to the generations, and begin education. It has been the foundation of ev¬ery lasting society. Marriage and family is one of the few in¬stitutions that cross all regions, ethnic groups, religions and cul¬tures. Whether one is Christian or Hindu, Jewish or Muslim, Buddhist or Taoist, we all have in common that our societies were built on a foundation of marriage uniting the two sexes and those two who became one family making the sacrifice necessary for society to con¬tinue and flourish by investing themselves into the next gener¬ation.

I believe that purposefully depriving a child of a competent parent of both sexes is a serious mistake. It happens all too often with no fault divorce and people choosing to have babies “on their own.” We do not need to in¬stitutionalize the decline of the family.

Let’s stand on the best of our traditions – real marriage, fam¬ily, and free markets. Not all progress is good.

Instead of reaching for the stars, the progressives are dig¬ging a hole in the sand from which we may not escape.