Why do we aid repressive governments?

March 25, 2013

A Concerned Citizen

Why do we aid repressive governments?

With every tax dollar pre¬cious, and many programs com¬peting for these dollars, it is necessary for the federal gov¬ernment to reign in waste, fraud and abuse as its first step in raising revenues.

I believe it is time to curb out¬dated, unconditional foreign aid packages to several countries and factions. These include Pa¬kistan, Egypt, Libya and the PLO-Hamas faction. Two of these countries, Egypt and Pa¬kistan, are repressive, and sponsor state-supported violent religious persecution. Libya has deteriorated into a haven for armed terrorists, and is nothing more than an arsenal for violent groups in Africa.

So, please tell me, a taxpayer, why my government is funding seeds of discrimination, hatred and repression? This is money collected from the American taxpayer. Sometimes I feel our government has gone crazy. It seems as if we have lost our moral compass as a country, and junked our own standards, values and sense of justice and freedom, in the hope of ap¬peasement of despots.