Obama’s Support of Movies is Hypocritical!

March 18, 2013

By A Concerned Citizen

Wow! Michelle Obama presenting the Academy Award for Best Picture. Now that shows the president’s true commitment to reducing violence in America by supporting the biggest promoter of violence today: the film industry. Trace the president’s political contributions from his Hollywood friends and that’s your answer: What’s more important? – his own self-preservation.

And what about our beloved vice president, “Middle-Class Joe?” Well, he’s going to send his wife out to their balcony to fire his shotgun at the first sign of an intruder, right after he collects rent from U.S. taxpayers for the Secret Service’s use of his guest cottage to protect him and his family. That’s showing you’re one of us, Joe. But wait, how many of the middle class in America have a balcony on their home and use of the Secret Service?