Criminals Get "Open Door" If Gun Law Passes

February 25, 2013

At our recent Campaign for Liberty meeting in Northeast, Md., a retired state police officer reminded us that the Maryland state legislature will soon be considering House Bill 294 that will severely impact all civilian gun owners.

It is highly likely that similar measures are being considered in Delaware. In my experience, the private ownership of firearms is the first line of self-defense for citizens.

The courts have ruled that the police have no responsibility to protect the citizens and cannot be held accountable for their safety. When we disarm the citizens, we give criminals an open door to practice their various crimes.

Furthermore, rules that restrict the type of weapon a homeowner can possess or the bullet capacity of the firearms have no impact on the criminal or deranged since they do not heed the law.

When I look at the school shooting events, I cannot but wonder at how different the outcome would have been if even a couple of the school staff was armed and trained. In a video on the Second Amendment, a former Texas State Representative described her outrage that her legally licensed gun had to be locked in the car by state law while a criminal killed her parents in a restaurant.

The citizens should contact their representatives to oppose these restrictive laws that will only criminalize honest gun owners.

Arlen Besel
Elkton, Md.