The Constitution Will Come ALIVE!

August 6, 2012

I spent all last week with Rick Green, one of the most patriotic men I have ever met, and one of the most knowledgeable about the Constitution. His classes on the Constitution are legendary, but the one that will be held later this month will be a once-in-a- lifetime experience: It will be held in Philadelphia in Independence Hall - in the very room where many of our Founding Documents were created!

Because this historical room is small, only 25 Patriots will be able to attend in person (I hope to be one of them!). But many more can attend the live Webcast of this historical event. People across the country will be able to walk through the door that Benjamin Franklin entered, sit at a table where the Constitution was debated, and watch history come alive – all through the power of the Internet

I want to make it clear that this eight hour class is not intended to make every citizen a Constitutional scholar. But it is specifically designed to cover the most critical, currently relevant parts of the Constitution in an entertaining and educational way that equips and inspires citizens to take immediate action to help restore our constitution and save America.

My family and I have watched Rick and his family present parts of this Seminar live. They keep the pace moving very fast, and they share the personal stories behind historical events that make them so interesting. They use humor, they keep the audience continuously engaged, and (one of the best parts to me) Rick’s kids do part of the teaching! Believe me…when a 9 year old begins explaining the meaning behind the four major principles of the Declaration, it is hard not to pay attention!

I know, I know. History is boring, and the Constitution is boring. So listening to a presentation on the history and significance of the Constitution would have to be really boring. Not! Yes, I have suffered under the droning voice of a professor who read from the book instead of teaching. I fell asleep at the back of the room when my high school teacher recited dry facts and ignored to exciting vibrant stories of how the Constitution came to be.

Hardly a day goes by without someone I speak to (or hear on TV) declaring that something is either “unconstitutional” or “constitutional.” If I’m speaking with them, the first thing I do is to ask them if they have read the Constitution.

When I do seminars I normally give away pocket copies of the Constitution, and I ask the attendees the same question. A surprising number of people admit that they have never read it.

I recommend that everyone who cares about this nation take the small amount of time that it takes to read this incredible document. Then do one of three things:

1) Attend the Constitution ALIVE! event in person.

2) Attend the live webcast of the event.

3) Get the DVD that will be available several weeks after the event. (Everyone who attends in Philadelphia of views the Webcast will receive a free copy of the DVD.)

I promise you that Rick and his family will make the Constitution come ALIVE! And I promise you that if you take advantage of this wonderful opportunity you will never be the same.

If you have a burning desire to study America’s Founding Documents, why not do so in the very room where America’s Founding Patriots revolted against a tyrant and pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor? The event will take place on the evenings of August 21 and 22.

To reserve your spot in history, click on this link (or copy and paste it into your Internet browser):

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