The White Christian Party

June 20, 2005

Howard Dean delivering his

famous "I Have a Scream" speech.

The best thing the Democrat Party ever did to advance the Republican Party was to make Howard Screaming Dean the chairman of their party. He is so far to the left of the great majority of Democrats that he will push many of them into the arms of the Republicans. His latest insanity, screaming that the Republican Party is a "White Christian party" underscores that point.

Any fair-minded person of either party would acknowledge that the Republican Party is just as diverse as, if not more diverse, than the Democrat Party. The main difference spiritually is that the Republican Party welcomes anyone of any religion, while the Democrat Party is by and large anti-religion of any kind. The Republican Party is just as racially diverse as the Democrat Party, but it doesn't make a big thing of it. The Democrat Party, on the other hand, constantly plays the race card.

The hypocrisy of all this is astounding. The Democrats accuse the Republicans of being a "Christian" party, yet if one goes over the news coverage of the 2000 and the 2004 elections a curious fact emerges. There are far more "church shots" of Democrats than of Republicans in both campaigns. Both Gore and Kerry had hundreds of photos and videos taken in front of churches with their arms around the pastors.

The Democrat Party cynically used churches and pastors to further their agenda, even though the party regularly votes as a block against any church- or family-friendly legislation. The Democrats also endangered churches by holding political rallies in their sanctuaries in 2000 and 2004. They took up campaign collections during church services. Such activities are illegal and endanger the churches' federal tax exempt status.

In their treatment of minorities the Democrats also come up short in comparison with Republicans. Democrat politics keep many minorities in the slavery of the welfare system. These policies have condemned entire families to generation after generation of welfare status. Children who see their parents living on the public dole grow up thinking that is the way things should be, and they follow in their parents' footsteps. Republicans propose legislation that would help minorities get off welfare. Democrats sabotage such legislation because welfare recipients are their strongest voting block.

Republicans have also helped advance blacks into positions of power far more than have Democrats. Yet the Democrats still falsely claim to be the party that supports blacks. President Bush has appointed more black federal judges, cabinet members and high-ranking government officials than has any Democrat president (including Slick Willie Clinton, who once claimed that he was "America's first black president"). President Bush is the only president of either party to have appointed:

1)      The first black National Security Advisor (Dr. Condoleeza Rice)

2)      The first black Secretary of State (General Colin Powell)

3)      The first black female Secretary of State (Dr. Condoleeza Rice)


So much for the Republican Party being a "White, Christian Party" as Dean claims.

Dean has also screamed, "I hate Republicans!!" in public forums. Wow, Screaming Dean. Does that mean that you hate Christians, too, since you claim that the Republican Party is a Christian party?

To the Democrats, I say, "Boy, are you guys stupid to have Howard Dean in the position to cause your party so much embarrassment and do it so much damage. But thanks a lot!" To Howard Dean, I say, "Be yourself, Howie. You give us all lots of laughs. And you're doing more for the Republican Party than our own Chairman does."

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