The Challenge of Allowing Gays to Serve Openly in the Military

January 3, 2011

This month Congress decided to lift the ban on gays serving openly in the military. It wasn’t that gays could not serve; it was that gays were not allowed to make an issue of their sexuality by publicly flaunting and expressing it.

I have heard from a very reliable source that those serving in top military positions have said privately (several months ago) that if “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” (the law enacted by President Clinton that forbade the military to ask a potential volunteer about their sexuality) was repealed it would destroy the military!

The reason is that, under this law, a person couldn’t make a big deal of their sexuality by expressing it in public. Now that the law has been lifted, soldiers coming out of the closet will distract from the real business of the military: fighting wars and being combat ready.

This will also open up a huge door for an inordinate amount of counseling, and also for sexual discrimination lawsuits if a person identified as gay feels they are being maligned. Another distraction will be the tremendous amount of time, money and training needed to shift the culture of the military so they will now be “gay sensitive.”

This is in spite of surveys clearly showing the Marines Corps and those in combat situations overwhelmingly disapproved overturning the ban. The only ones in the military who approved overturning the ban were the paper-pushers—not those in the front lines of battle who would be the most affected by the unnecessary distractions that will come with all of the above.

It is not as though most in the military are prejudiced against those who identify themselves as gay. It is that gays were already able to serve since they were not forced to divulge their sexual preferences before joining the military.

Truly, in combat it is not about being gay, straight, black, white, rich, or poor. It is about totally focusing on being combat ready as a unit instead of worrying about the sexual orientation of individuals! It would be just as wrong for a person in the military to talk about “black power” or their “white supremacist” views since doing so would put the focus on certain individuals and distract from the main agenda of winning wars.

This is another example of the far-left humanistic agenda caring more about their ideology than about what’s best for this country!

It is my opinion that Adm. Michael Mullen (Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff) and Robert Gates (Secretary of Defense) both sold out this country by being politically correct so they could keep their jobs. Although I don’t know either man and could be wrong, this is my humble opinion based on the common sense that they should know more than most!

To prove the point that this was more ideological than practical: This was just another step towards the legalization of same-sex marriage, a point made by Vice President Joe Biden last week when he said that “marriage equality” is only a matter of time because of this new precedent set by the military. Both he and President Obama are now saying their views on gay marriage are “evolving.” It is my belief their views have always been that of most other far-left politicians. Same-sex marriage has always been on their agenda but they couldn’t admit it because they know the majority of the American people have rejected same-sex marriage state-by-state.

They would have never been elected if they said same-sex marriage was one of the things they wanted to accomplish. They are artfully using the strategy of gradualism, taking decades to accomplish their goal by passing one law after the next so that, after a while, the average American becomes desensitized and eventually approves of this new shift in culture.

I hope they are wrong. The far-left thought that after Roe vs. Wade became law in 1973 there would be no further debate on abortion and that the American people would become overwhelmingly “pro-choice.” But, thankfully, the opposite has happened and the country is becoming more pro-life, with more doctors refusing to perform abortions (something I’m sure ObamaCare will try to stop).

My hope is that the next Congress would reinstate “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” and also repeal ObamaCare. If they don’t our nation will continue to decline and eventually lose much of its power and influence in the global community.

Copyright ©2011 Dr. Joseph Mattera