Thanksgiving Blessings

December 6, 2010

Due to the business of the holiday, I did not write my usual column the Monday after Thanksgiving. However, I did take a few moments to write a short note to some of my friends on Thanksgiving Day. I was very surprised by the responses to that note, both by the number and the intensity. I often spend many hours researching and writing my Conservative Truth columns. After praying about what I should write, I spent less than 10 minutes on the Thanksgiving note. But it struck a chord with many people. So I thought I would share it with you…

“As I blessed our Thanksgiving meal today, I was struck by the total awesomeness of our God. Regardless of how others might see us in terms of material possessions and the world's riches, I think all of us know how richly He has blessed us with the things that count most.

“I put my relationship with Him at the very top of that list. Without guidance from Him and His Word, I wouldn't be able to accomplish anything. Next I am so thankful for family and friends. Many times you keep me going with your encouragement and prayers - and you may not even realize it! Thank you more than I can express.

“And I want to thank the Lord for the great nation He has given us. I know sometimes I vent about the foolishness of some of our leaders in my column on But they are not our nation. Our nation is good and generous and - regardless of what the current occupant of the White House says - it is exceptional among all the nations on the earth. God has blessed this nation so that we can be a blessing to others - and we have done so, and continue to do so.

“Let me close by saying that I believe that if you will trust the Lord, He will meet your needs in those areas of your life where you do not feel you are blessed. Jesus said that He came so that we would have an ABUNDANT life! If you need a blessing in your relationship, your finances, your business, your ministry, or any other area of your life, just ask Him. He wants to bless you more than you want to be blessed!

“Praying for you and wishing you an awesome Thanksgiving,
Tom, Ana & Sarah”

Most of the replies I received to the note thanked me for the encouragement and for the reminder of what is really important. The bottom line is that the Lord wants to be involved in every area of your life – if you will allow Him in.

If you’ve been sitting in the front seat, trying to drive your life, try sitting in the back seat and letting the Lord drive. He’s a much better driver, and He knows the way! As we approach Christmas, give yourself the best Christmas gift possible – peace and joy – by accepting God’s Gift – His only Son.

Be blessed, Tom

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