Critical Election – Do the Right Thing

October 25, 2010

In just nine days millions of Americans will be casting their votes in what may well go down in history as the most critical election ever. Will you be one of them?

In my last article, “Three Decisions for Conservatives,” ( I talked about the importance of every single Conservative voting on Tuesday, November 2nd. The tide has turned. More and more “undecided” voters have decided that Obama’s Liberal policies are driving our nation down the road to ruin.

But the Liberals are working overtime to get out their far-left radical vote. And they are spending millions of dollars to publish lies and smear Conservatives in last-ditch campaigns designed to swing the vote when there is no time left to refute their baseless charges.

So Conservatives – who have by far the most to lose if the Washington status Quo is maintained – need to redouble their efforts to do all the things I suggested in my last article: 1) Study the issues and the candidates. 2) Go out to vote and take a carload of people with you. 3) Don’t be afraid to talk to others about the election, and tell them the truth about the Liberal candidates and incumbents who want to turn the United States into a Godless Socialist state.

You will have noticed that I have not used the words Democrats and Republicans, choosing instead to use the more descriptive terms Liberals and Conservatives. It is, of course, true that Republicans have traditionally stood for freedom of religion, defense of the Constitution, traditional marriage, the rights of the unborn strong national defense, national sovereignty, and other Conservative values.

It is equally true that the Democrat platform wars against religious freedom, attacks the Constitution in many critical elements, supports perverted “marriages” between homosexuals, encourages the murder of unborn infants, weakens the national defense, supports the United Nations effort to incorporate the United States into a one-world government, and generally supports values supported by Socialists and Communists worldwide.

But these are the values of the parties. In some cases (admittedly not many, but in some), individuals within those parties may hold different values. For instance, there are some districts in which it is almost impossible for a Republican to be elected, but the Democrat from that District is more Conservative than many Republicans. Likewise, there are many Republicans (we call them RINO’s – Republicans in Name Only) who vote with the Democrats 90% of the time, and who wouldn’t know a Conservative value if it bit them.

So let me encourage you to look not just at the party label of the person you vote for, but also their voting record if they have held office, or their written positions if they have not. You will find the resources below helpful in determining who your candidates really are. Most important, pray about whom you should vote for. Candidates can (and often do) lie to get elected. But the Lord knows their hearts.

VIDEO: Your Vote Counts (3 Minutes)

SCORECARD: House and Senate Votes on Family-Related Issues

VOTER GUIDE: Very interesting, interactive. Non-partisan approach

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