ObamaCare Battle Is Not Over!

August 9, 2010

Contributed by Doug Edelman

As we bask in the afterglow of Missouri's Proposition C, and the failure by the Feds to obtain dismissal of Virginia's lawsuit against ObamaCare, is it once again time to revisit what should be the strategy of Conservatives in Congress (and those seeking office in 2010!) to re-affirm the will of the people in health care?

If I may humbly offer my best suggestion; the time is NOW for Conservative lawmakers to craft, unanimously Co-Sponsor and introduce new legislation that would:

· Repeal

· Replace

· Reform

· Restore

REPEAL AND REPLACE: Simultaneously! We cannot simply repeal ObamaCare and leave a void. We must simultaneously replace it with the HealthCare Bill we WOULD have liked in the first place. The bill's opening statement should read something to the effect that: "The Affordable HealthCare Act of 2009 is hereby repealed in its entirety and replaced by the following…"

REFORM: The replacement bill must address the real problems in the pre-ObamaCare healthcare system. It must provide for purchasing insurance across state lines. It must sensibly address pre-existing condition exclusions. It should allow cafeteria-style coverages; so a 20-year old healthy single male may reduce costs by purchasing a policy that does NOT cover pregnancy and mammograms... Or a 65 year old woman can choose a plan that covers long term care, but doesn't include prenatal vitamins and well-baby care! It should expand HSAs. It should encourage private sector competition. It must include tort reform and malpractice insurance reform. It must clearly deny any federal funds in any form, at any time, for abortion services – and must restrict funding to any organization which provides abortion services or referrals in such a manner as to insure no funds can be redirected toward such services – whether domestically or abroad.

RESTORE: The legislation must restore the Republic by re-affirming the supremacy of individual liberty and of state-sovereignty. It must re-affirm the constitutional limitation on the Federal Government. It must denounce federal mandates upon individuals. It should make a clear statement that the Federal Government acknowledges its limited role, and its requirement to govern by the consent of the governed.

Once this legislation is crafted – it should be immediately introduced, in both the House and the Senate simultaneously, bearing the co-sponsorship signatures of every member who wishes to be considered Conservative and liberty-loving.

Every conservative candidate seeking a Freshman House or Senate seat should, as a requirement of endorsements and campaign assistance, be required to pledge to co-sponsor and vote for the bill, should they be elected.

The 2010 elections should be framed as the opportunity to rid us of ObamaCare once and for all – and it should be the first act of the Congress upon swearing in of the new session in 2011.

If this simple plan is adopted and implemented – not only will ObamaCare be ended early in 2011, but if properly communicated to the American Public – will result in a massive turnover of power in the halls of Washington.

Then the Conservative Congress can turn their attention to undoing the rest of the damage done by the Pelosi-Reid Congress!

Copyright © 2010 by Doug Edelman