Obama's War on America's Culture

February 15, 2010

Obama doesn't like to talk about the War on Terror because he considers the term politically incorrect. His diffidence concerning the Left's war on our culture is for a different reason; he wants this agenda kept quiet. If Americans  (the majority of whom are conservative) knew the true extent of this agenda, Obama would stand no chance of being re-elected.

Just how far apart is the president from the great majority of Americans on the important issues? Much farther than he, his advisors and his PR arm (the mainstream media) believe. Their problem is that they all live in a bubble, and only talk to and listen to people who also live in the bubble. You might call them bubble people.

The bubble includes New York City (also known as Mecca to Liberals), Washington, DC, Boston and various other Northeast cities. It stretches to include places like Chicago, Miami and Berkeley. Not all people in these places are bubble people. But the bubble people recognize one another. I think they may have a secret handshake. In any case, bubble people only read articles and columns by other bubble people, and they only listen to radio and TV shows when bubble people speak.

The interesting thing is that, although they are so inbred, they actually believe that they are hearing from the American people. They are so incredibly out of touch with mainstream America, but they believe they ARE mainstream America!

Why else would Obama openly declare his support for the agenda of homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals and "transgender individuals" (including homosexual marriage) even before he took office? Does he actually believe that most Americans are with him on this? Obviously he does.

In a society like ours a president cannot govern without the consent of the governed. He can get away with a lot, but if the American people figure out that their president is really not one of them, he's done. We've had presidents like Obama before, but they were smart enough to hide their true colors. Obama is very smart in some ways, but he has a blind spot in this area. He really believes that most of us are like him. And he is dead wrong.

He is the most bloodthirsty president ever to occupy the Oval Office. Don't ever forget that as a state senator in Illinois he backed legislation that forbade hospital staff from saving the lives of infants who miraculously survived abortions. We've all heard the horror stories from nurses who held viable babies that had been left in utility rooms to starve, and were not allowed to help them. And yet this deluded man thinks that most Americans are with him on this issue.

On May 17, just a few months after he took office, he highlighted his support for abortion by speaking at Notre Dame. His presence there was protested by 74 Catholic bishops. Why would Catholic bishops be upset about the president speaking at a Catholic university? Because Notre Dame is so liberal on the subject of abortion that it might as well not even be called Catholic. The bishops protested his speech because of what it represented. And he cared not at all.

Alex Massie, writing in Spectator Magazine, spoke about the disconnect between Obama's administration and working Americans. "For the first time in decades southerners are almost entirely excluded from senior administration positions and the Congressional leadership. Obama is the first President elected since John F Kennedy who has no relationship with, or instinctive sympathy for, the working class culture of the south that has been a dominant influence on American political life. It is unsurprising, then, that his Presidency has reopened and renewed America's Culture wars. With a vengeance."

Finally, the "Joe the Plumber" incident highlighted the fact that Obama's personal values are worlds apart from traditional American values of hard work and self-reliance. Obama the Harvard elitist (who never had a real job in his life) smilingly informed Joe the hard-working plumber that he was going to take his "wealth" and spread it around to other folks who didn't feel like working. And Obama thought that was OK! He actually seemed surprised that Joe (and most of America) found anything wrong with what he had said.

Obama showed his contempt for traditional American values when he spoke of "bitter" people who "cling" to their religion. That's you and me he was talking about, folks. That's what the president thinks about the majority of Americans. It's time for us to take back our culture from people who don't care about this great country.

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