I'm Gonna Keep an Eye on You

May 4, 2009

"I'm gonna keep an eye on you." That's the message we should all be sending to Obama. He needs to know that he's only fooling the ones who want to be fooled - his adoring groupies. We need to let him know that Honest Abe was right - you can't fool all of the people.

Since he has taken office, every move he has made, every word he has spoken, has advanced his extreme liberal agenda. He is so slick that many Americans actually believe that he is acting in their interest. In reality, he just listens very carefully to what the people say, and then makes it appear that he is responding. He spins his actions in his charismatic way, and depends on the fact that most people will believe what he says about what he does, rather than observing what he actually does.

Take this $1.5 Billion for the swine flu. You've got to be kidding me! Even if there were the disastrous pandemic he describes, it wouldn't cost a tenth of that much money to fight it. But the fact is that there is no pandemic; there have been at least a dozen flu outbreaks in my lifetime that have been ten times worse than this.

Every year 36,000 Americans die from regular old flu. There has been exactly one death in the US from the swine flu. So our swine flu death rate is remarkably low for a country with 300 million citizens (and 20 million illegal aliens). By the way, the person who died here was a child from Mexico who had the flu before entering the country.

I'm no epidemiologist, but the figures seem pretty clear. Close to a thousand people worldwide have been confirmed as having swine flu. One country has well over half of those confirmed cases - Mexico. Although the media has reported much higher numbers, only twenty-six people have died from this flu - all but one of them in Mexico. Of all the cases outside of Mexico, almost all have been traced - to Mexico.

Out of 200 nations in the world, only 20 have reported cases. All but a handful of these are in North America and Europe. Only Mexico and the US have reported deaths - the other eighteen nations have had none. Sixteen of these have reported 1 to 4 cases. The only nations that have more than 40 cases are Mexico, Canada and the United States - NAFTA nations which have basically open borders. The only European nations with 15 or more cases are the two with the heaviest travel to and from Mexico - Spain (40 cases) and the United Kingdom (15).

If Obama really cared about the swine flu, there is only one thing he could do that would be immediately effective. Mexico is clearly the epicenter of this flu. He should do as Ecuador, Cuba and Venezuela have done; he should close our border with Mexico. But even if every one of the thousands of Mexicans who daily stream across our borders had the bubonic plague, Obama could never summon the courage to protect our southern border. That would be an admission that the huge majority of Americans who want to stop illegal immigration are right.

On Thursday Joe Biden was asked by an NBC reporter why the US hasn't closed our border with Mexico as three nations have done (and several others, including the European Union, are considering). Biden exhibited symptoms of foot and mouth disease in his answer. (The only time he opens his mouth is to change feet.)

In his typical talk-first-think-later fashion, Goofy Joe advised Americans to stay off airplanes and public transit. Well, gee, Joe, let me think about that. Which poses more of a risk to public health - an American flying from Atlanta to New York, or a sick Mexican flying from Veracruz (where the epidemic started) to New York? If airplanes are a problem, why don't we stop the ones with the sick people on them?

The White House was quick to distance itself from Biden's wild talk. It claims he really meant to say that if you are sick you shouldn't get on a plane, but they admit that's not even close to what he actually said. Obama's spokesman, Robert Gibbs, joked, "I understand what he said, and I'm telling you what he meant to say. (Rumors have resurfaced that Obama plans to lock Biden up for the rest of his term.)

So what is Obama really up to with his "request" to Congress for $1.5 BILLION DOLLARS? It's certainly not to buy thousands of doses of flu vaccine, as he claims. According to WHO (the World Health Organization), work has just begun on a swine flu vaccine, so there's no vaccine to buy. And, as I mentioned earlier, if a vaccine were available, it would cost a fraction of what he has budgeted.

Whenever you want to figure out what Obama is really up to: (1) Ignore what he says; (2) Look at what's really happening; and (3) Consider his far-left agenda.

(1)    He says the $1.5 Billion is for the flu, so therefore it's not for the flu.
(2)    What's really happening is that he now has an extra $1.5 Billion earmarked for "health care."
(3)    One of his fondest desires is to enact a Socialistic national health care plan so that Americans will be even more dependent on the government. So make a wild guess at where the $1.5 Billion will really end up.

That's how to keep an eye on him. Follow this simple formula, and you will be able to understand Obama's words and actions. One warning. If Obama says or does anything that would make sense to a conservative patriot, consider that a Red Alert. Immediately apply the formula, and immediately share your conclusions with your friends. When events later prove that Obama was lying, you will look like a prophet. Unfortunately, by then it will be too late.


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