Obama, Moses Differ Over Passover Diplomacy

April 20, 2009

Contributed by Harold Witkov

The Jewish holiday of Passover has arrived and Jews around the world celebrate their deliverance from bondage and subsequent exodus from Egypt. How did this miracle come about? God sent Moses with an ultimatum to Pharaoh: Stop your tyranny or suffer the consequences (plagues). The first nine plagues fell a bit short. By the tenth plague, however, the tyrannical and arrogant Pharaoh had had enough.

Recently, North Korea threatened to launch a satellite missile over Japan and into space. Due to the provocative nature of such a launch, President Obama was quick to criticize North Korea. After the launch, a launch that saw the North Korean missile pass over Japanese airspace, the President was clearly not happy. He spoke of sanctions, a strong international response, a harsh rebuke and the need for non-proliferation in the world. It was Passover Diplomacy; talk tough and when the bullies of the world fire their missiles, hope they pass over.

Like North Korea, Iran teeters on the edge of having advanced missile and nuclear technology. Unlike Japan, Israel has some options. Iran has called for Israel's destruction. What should Israel do? Should Israel act like Moses and use her might now? Or, should Israel put her faith in President Obama's Passover Diplomacy, and hope that the first "satellite" missile Iran sends in Israel's direction passes over?