Obama Jeopardy

March 16, 2009

Recently my wife was flipping through the channels while I was diligently working on some website updates and our daughter was busy, well, being an eighteen month old and causing general havoc in preparation for her Wednesday night bath. When to what did my wife's eyes and my ears draw our attention? None other than Barack Obama as a Jeopardy category, that's what.

Now, the questions on Jeopardy under the Obama category were all quite simple to answer and far too easy for a second round Jeopardy category if you ask me. But they did get me thinking about what actual answers could have appeared on the popular game show, that would have been more challenging for most Americans to answer about our new President and definitely more informative.

So, this is Obama Jeopardy! Welcome and now for our categories: Things That Happen When Obama Speaks, Obama's Similarities With Other Historical Figures, Obamanomics, Obama's Friends And Relations, Obama's Constitutional Ineptitude and lastly, Things We Really Do Not Know About Obama.

To start I would like Obamanomics for $400 please. The answer ... "These people who make a lot of money and pay over half of all federal income taxes already are the target of even higher taxes under President Obama."

Who are "the rich?"

Same category for $600. The answer ... "These people repeatedly warned about bad lending practices at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and who were constantly told everything was OK by Democrats like Barney Frank."

Who were President George Bush and the Republicans?

Let's move to Things That Happen When Obama Speaks for $1,600 please. The answer ... "When Obama talks about his economic plans this often occurs."

What is a drop in the value of various stock markets and exchanges?

Same category for $2,000. The answer ... "In general, this comes from Obama's mouth every time he speaks."

What is a lie?

Obama's Friends and Relations for $800. The answer ... "This man lead Obama's church which disavowed 'middleclassness' as bad yet himself retired in luxury into a gated community."

Who is the Reverend Jeremiah Wright? Goodness this is easy!

On to Obama's Constitutional Ineptitude for $400. The answer ... "Due to his Constitutional Ineptitude, President Obama appointed this man who does not believe the second amendment should be adhered to."

Who is Eric Holder?

Back to Obama's Friends and Relations for $1,600. The answer ... "This group recently praised President Obama as, 'one of the best opportunities that Americans have had in decades.'"

Who is the Communist Party USA?

Obama's Constitutional Ineptitude for $1,800. The answer ... "Obama has repeatedly called for this major portion of the U.S. economy to be nationalized despite no constitutional authority for such an action."

What is health insurance and care?

Obama's Friends and Relations for $1,200. The answer ... "Tom Daschle is but just one of many people President Obama has tried to appoint to his administration to have this problem."

What is a failure to pay income taxes?

Obama's Friends and Relations for $2,000. The answer ... "This woman famously begged President Obama for help getting her a free house while at a town hall event rather than going out and work hard to get one and pay for it. And all after rejecting previous offers for housing assistance."

Who is Henrietta Hughes?

Obama's Similarities with Other Historical Figures for $600. The answer ... "Like this man who was President during the Great Depression, Barack Obama has proposed unconstitutional social welfare spending as federal policy."

Who is FDR?

Things We Really Do Not Know About Obama for $1,200. The answer ... "We are told that Obama is a natural born citizen and qualified to be President. Yet actual proof in the form of this has yet to be produced."

What is his birth certificate?

Things We Really Do Not Know About Obama for $1,600. The answer ... "He takes this item with him everywhere leading us to wonder if he can really deliver a soaring oratory without one."

What is a teleprompter?

Things We Really Do Not Know About Obama for $2,000. The answer ... "Many Americans are currently wondering if President Obama has one of these at all."

What is a clue?

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