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March 24, 2001

by Gary Aldrich - Volume 2, Issue 15

This article appeared on on Thursday, March 21, 2002.

In political movements, there is nothing quite as disturbing as a turncoat. I’ve always been registered as a Republican, and I suppose because of my law enforcement background, I found myself in agreement with the conservative “wing” of the GOP.

Over time, this subset of the Republican Party has been labeled the Right-Wing. Hillary went so far as to call us the “Vast Right Wing,” and claimed we had a conspiracy. For a short time, one of the “members” of the so-called Vast Right Wing Conspiracy was believed to be David Brock.

His participation in the movement was interesting, and often spectacular. His Troopergate stories were a source of shock and dismay as the country learned just how sleazy Bill and Hillary Clinton had been while Clinton was Governor of Arkansas.

From my fifth floor FBI office in the White House, Brock’s 1993 Troopergate stories rang true. I didn’t welcome the details, especially coming at Christmas time. The president’s sleaziness was not something I wanted to hear about at this time of the year. For three of the five years I was assigned to the White House, I was invited to help decorate the First Lady’s Christmas tree. But in 1993, because of constant Clinton Administration troubles, I declined the invitation.

There had been Waco, and Foster’s death, and the unfair firing and prosecution of Billy Dale. I believed the Clinton White House was headed for serious trouble. I was especially worried about national security, which had taken a back seat to political correctness. In many ways, it was no longer safe to work in the White House. I found the poor condition of the administration to be a shame and believed that the Clinton people had broken well founded policies, and even some federal laws, in order to bulldoze their flawed agenda into place.

After Vince Foster’s death in July of 1993, I was hastily summoned to the walk-in safe in the office of the Director of Security, the now infamous Craig Livingstone. Later, it would be revealed that Craig managed to secure 1,000 confidential FBI files containing raw personal data about the lives of former Reagan and Bush employees. But, during the remarkable meeting with Livingstone, in the safe with the door closed, I learned it was a well-known fact that Vince Foster and Hillary Clinton had been having a love affair while working together in Little Rock.

When Brock’s Troopergate stories were released, they included all the details on Foster and Hillary, including the when, the where, the how and the why. Brock had included everything but a "blue dress" in his salacious exposé. With what I already knew, added to Brock’s numerous details – including the location of the lonely mountain cabin where the trysts took place - there seemed to be enough evidence to convince a civil court that there had indeed been an affair.

I continued to work in the Clinton White House until the summer of 1995, but I left the White House and the FBI in disgust. My decision was not made because of the reckless womanizing of Bill Clinton, which I was already aware of, or the imperious behavior of a First Lady who ran much of the day-to-day operation of the White House. The FBI expected me to be a silent partner in a dangerous fraud, and I refused. The FBI background investigations had degenerated into a sham, designed to make the rest of the government, and the country, believe Clinton had brought high-quality people to staff the Defense Department and his Executive Branch agencies. It was an enormously dangerous lie, and I knew it.

My fellow law enforcement and security associates also knew it. We believed Clinton had endangered the nation with a low-quality, low-class bunch of unethical misfits he believed were fit enough to hold high positions of trust and confidence. There were many people in Congress who also knew of the mediocrity of the Clinton staff. One such individual was Phil Larson.

Larson had left the Clinton White House to work for the House Oversight Committee. He knew about the national security problems and had talked to me many times concerning the danger. Also working with Larson were Barbara Comstock and Barbara Olsen. I was to learn later that all three had befriended David Brock. Larson, Comstock, Olsen and I met together many times before I left the FBI, and also after I resigned. I provided a wealth of information to the committee Congressmen enabling them to perform their function – the oversight of the executive branch, especially the White House and the FBI.

Soon after I left the White House, I revealed to Larson that I intended to tell the rest of the country what I had witnessed in the White House by writing a book. Larson encouraged me to call David Brock, also a frequent visitor to the committee offices. He told me Brock, too, was writing a book about the Clinton White House.

I called Brock’s office and met with him at the American Spectator Magazine. I told him I was writing a book, and we talked about publishers, Brock’s new book and other related matters. In his new book, Brock claims that he called me, and that he didn’t know I was writing a book. This is just one of many lies in Brock’s new book.

Admittedly, the first time I ever heard that Bill Clinton was leaving the White House without his Secret Service agents was from the lips of David Brock, but at first I thought this allegation too fantastic to be true.

But, I also knew Bill Clinton was reckless, and I knew he was obsessively chasing women. How much of a stretch would it be to believe he would order his Secret Service agents to “stand down” while he spent an hour or two away, in privacy, with a woman he did not want to invite into the White House? After all, he was quick to break any rule or law that stood in his way. I soon got my answer after interviewing several people at the White House who were in a position to know. Some were eyewitnesses to Clinton’s wandering about without Secret Service agents present.

When my book was released in the summer of 1996, I was pounded by the media and the White House for not having evidence – presumably DNA evidence – to prove Clinton was a reckless womanizer. While I was being bombarded by insults and attacks about the credibility of my charges - many lodged by David Brock - my publisher received a visit from a Clinton White House employee who claimed to have had conversations with two Secret Service agents who were complaining loudly about Clinton leaving them behind while he left the White House grounds to engage in sexual trysts with other women. With the evidence I had already provided, along with the new evidence supplied by yet another White House insider, the publisher was convinced I was telling the truth. Other facts in my book started to fall into place, and slowly, I was vindicated.

Meanwhile, for reasons only known to David Brock, he persisted in a media campaign to destroy my credibility and my book. Brock did not know a thing about me, or my book, or my sources. He had not worked inside the Clinton White House as I had. I didn’t rely on Brock when I wrote my book. I didn’t trust him, and therefore I didn’t give him a drop of information about what I knew concerning the Clinton White House.

In spite of his attempt to ruin me, my book, Unlimited Access, became a New York Times #1 bestseller. And, in spite of all the attention he garnered for himself at my expense, Brock’s Hillary-book bombed. He admits in his new “truthful” book that his Hillary-book was a commercial disaster. I believe this is one of the few truthful statements he makes in a 336 page mean-spirited, non-indexed screed against his former friends. The other truth contained in his new book is his admission over and over again, that he lies. In fact, he begins the book admitting that while he attended college he was caught in a big lie.

In his new book, Brock repeats the lies he uttered when Unlimited Access first came out. No amount of evidence that my book was a truthful, fact-filled documentary about a sleazy, corrupt, reckless, lying president and his friends will ever convince Brock. He also holds fast to lies he has told about so many others, all conservatives. The only lies he is willing to confess concern those “lies” he used to tell about various liberals like Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Brock’s new book is entitled Blinded by the Right. I believe Brock is blinded, but not by “the Right.” His huge ego and an over-inflated view of his investigative talents and writing ability blind him. But most of all, David Brock is blinded by a lust for fame and fortune.

Brock claims in his new book that he’s now driven by the need for love and his desire to be compassionate to others. Oddly, he slashes and burns everyone he has ever met, right up to the present day. He’s still trying to destroy many good-hearted people from both sides of the political aisle. These too-trusting folks welcomed him into their homes and gave him a place at their dinner table, maybe because they liked the way he wrote. But, perhaps they also felt slightly sorry for this sad young man who was obviously wracked and tortured by a lifestyle he claims he did not choose. He lied about that, too – by keeping himself “in the closet.”

Gay or not, Brock could make a lifestyle change to be honest and tell the truth. He instead chooses to take money in return for broken friendships and betrayed loyalty. Brock continues to repeat shameful, hurtful lies about others in his new book, even as he laments living in a lonely world filled with political treachery. Brock will soon exhaust his supply of friends about whom to lie, (after all, who could trust him now?) and when that happens, he’ll be consigned to the “remainder table" of life, where he and his boorish books belong.