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Former White House FBI Agent Reacts to Bush Security Clearance Methods

by Gary Aldrich - Volume 1 Issue 28 January 9, 2001

Gary Aldrich, retired FBI agent and President and Founder of the Patrick Henry Center for Individual Liberty, has every reason to believe that president-elect Bush will observe proper protocol and well-proven methods when it comes to security clearance examinations.

Time constraints caused by the protracted election have provided the Bush transition office much aggravation, as these complex background investigations require much care.

Nevertheless, Mr. Aldrich is confident Fred F. Fielding, Washington lawyer and former Reagan White House counsel, will handle the interrogations for new Cabinet selections and new White House employees responsibly and effectively, in spite of the time "crunch."

Having experienced firsthand a security melt down during the Clinton Administration, Mr. Aldrich is optimistic every precaution has and will be taken in this administration to protect the security of the President, the White House, and our National Security.

Statement of Mr. Aldrich:

"Iím not surprised to learn that the incoming Bush Administration is reverting to the Reagan/Bush model to screen Executive Branch appointees.

"They didnít have to suffer through the chaos and destruction of the last eight years of the Clinton/Gore Administration to persuade them to use proven common sense methods to choose decent people to work in our highest offices.

"Of course itís the wise thing to do, and I believe it reflects President-elect Bushís respect for the office of the president, as well as his desire to give American citizens the best possible federal workforce.

"When the full facts of Linda Chavezís conduct are properly and fully known, the American people will rush to Mrs. Chavezís defense, and applaud her spirit of generosity."