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Gary Aldrich

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Give Me A Break!

by Gary Aldrich - Volume 1 Issue 17

The deep sadness in the Elian Gonzalez case is that for 30 years or more, the rights of American fathers have been steadily eroded. From no-say in abortions, to no-say in divorce, to no-say in custody, to no-say in child support or how itís spent, to no-say in visitation, to no-say in daycare/no daycare, men have been slowly but surely emasculated by the feminists.

For nearly three generations, fathers - indeed all men, (and those who could speak for them, for example the few women who seem to actually like men and still possess some common sense) have stood very, very silent while their rights have been eroded out of existence. American men are as docile as puppies when it comes to their rights. Scratch their bellies and you own them.

Todayís American man, poor sad bastard that heís become, has all the rights of a beast of burden, bred for working and ripe for doses of verbal whipping when misbehaving. Todayís American man has the right to be accused and abused.

American men are irrelevant in a childís life. 40% of children are born out of wedlock. Men? Who needs them? The children who are allowed to be born and do have married parents have a fifty-percent chance of becoming a child of divorce. Millions of menís "other" children are murdered in the womb - but men are prohibited from stopping it, no matter how much they would love and support those unborn children. Men have no say, according to feminists.

How many of the divorces were caused by the strident, petulant nagging of a feminist-leaning woman, raised and educated by our society to believe that todayís man is worse than something sheíll step on as she makes her way to the next power-lunch? How many of these "no-fault" divorces were initiated by the woman?

How many American children cry for their daddies so those women can feel fulfilled?

Lately, no one seems able to make a convincing case that one American man -- one American father matters a whit anymore in the raising of a single American child, girl or boy. This tells you how deep the damage is.

Only the manís wallet is seen as the issue these days.

Suddenly out of nowhere comes an enormous wave of public opinion that a dad is important, and a son and his dad need to be together, no matter what! Even if the poor kid has to live in a slave state, which does not seem to matter. Somehow the wishes of the Mother who drowned to give her young son a chance at liberty, freedom! means nothing against a manís - a fatherís rights!

Itís a miracle! In an instant there are no circumstances, no realities, and no laws that can possibly trump fatherhood - or outweigh a manís rights!

A grand awakening to the importance of fatherhood and the relevance of American men in their own childrenís lives? A renewed respect for the loyal, dedicated labors of the typical American male? A recognition of the average American manís pride to support and defend his family, his wife his children?

Should the childrenís advocacy industry brush off their resumes? Can the "Village" go home now?

Not so fast! This is not about American menís rights! This has nothing to do with American dads - unless you count their fantasies about the way they wished things were. No, this is only about a Cuban manís rights - so itís OK, since a Cuban man doesnít have any rights. Hello? He lives in a police state!

Canít we reason anymore? Have we all lost our minds?

And by the way, where have all these "fatherís rights -- menís rights" people been during the last 30 years? Cutting sugar cane in Cuba?

Give Me a Break!