The Aldrich Alert
Gary Aldrich

A Publication of the Patrick Henry Center for Individual Liberty


by Gary Aldrich - Volume 1 - Issue 12

In the battle to save young Elian Gonzalez from being sent back to Cuba, The Patrick Henry Center was one of the first organizations to lead, and to stand up and speak out on the evils of Communism, and why Elian should remain in the United States.

Win or lose, the Elian Gonzalez case has sparked the first serious discussion in recent years about the horrors of living in a Communist dictatorship. Sadly, Fidel Castro has used the same case to crack down on political dissidents.

Now, the Clinton Administration stands alone in its efforts to force young Elian back to a doubtful relationship, and a dark future. The Mayor of Miami has made a public statement today that if there is violence in Miami caused by Renoís insistence that Elian be seized and deported, the trouble will be on Renoís and Clintonís heads.

Attorneys for Elian Gonzalezís Miami family are vowing they will go to the Supreme Court if necessary to keep the 6-year-old boy in the United States. This follows news this week that U.S. District Judge K. Michael Moore dismissed the familyís lawsuit, siding with Janet Renoís decision to deliver Elian into the hands of Communist thugs.

The failure of Elianís father to visit his son after four months apart speaks volumes. Could he possibly want his son to remain in America? Or perhaps he realizes that the sacrifice his former wife made to get Elian to America should not be in vain.

In an interview that ABC News will not commit to prime time, Diane Sawyer refused to ask young Elian if he wanted to go back to Cuba, or stay with his loving relatives in Miami. Sawyer explained she knew Elian would answer that he wanted to stay. Characteristically, ABC News and Sawyer decided for America whether or not the truth should be told about Elianís real wishes.

"This idea that he could be reunited with his father like Attorney General Reno said is, Iím afraid, wishful thinking," attorney Spencer Eig said. "In Cuba, the history of politically prominent children is that they are segregated from their families, taken away and minded by the government to be exploited for propaganda purposes."

Meanwhile, Cuban Americans living in South Florida have vowed civil disturbance if federal marshals attempt to take Elian from his new home. Janet Reno could order a violent and dangerous confrontation, most likely upon orders from the Clinton White House.

Are we on the brink of another WACO? Will Reno place young Elian in harmís way to "save him?" Will Elian and his family suffer tear gas attacks if they refuse to come out?

The Patrick Henry Center will continue to do all that we can to ensure that young Elian does not meet this fate, however, the Clinton Administration seems determined to show citizens of this country whoís boss! The well being of a single little boy means nothing, apparently.