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Archives of Doug Patton


If I Only Had a Heart - Oct 03, 2011
The War is On - Sep 12, 2011
This is Not Leadership - Aug 01, 2011
We Are All Barbarians - Jul 25, 2011
Speaking Truth to Race - Aug 16, 2010
Et tu, Andy? - Aug 09, 2010
The Grateful Soldier - Jun 07, 2010
A Mandate for Tyranny - May 18, 2009
A Tale of Two Churches - Dec 22, 2008
BHO is no JFK - Feb 11, 2008


Doug Patton describes himself as a recovering political speechwriter who agrees with himself more often than not. His weekly columns are syndicated by Cagle Cartoons newspaper syndicate. Readers are encouraged to email him at dpatton@cagle.comand/or to follow him on Twitter at @Doug_Patton.


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